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Indrit Fortuzi - Top 100 players of the year

ARIANIT_C2010-05-10 10:01:34 +0000 #1
Forgotten heroes deserve better as the Albanian striker is named in the list of Europe "Best" players

How soon soccer forgets. Not only one and two times, but many more. Recently, Indrit Fortuzi.

While the "Bird" with the twisted legs was visiting his old coach few days ago, everybody wondered "What is going on with the player"?. Evetually, he is hurt and he has been sidelined for the past couple of months and is expected to continue his absence for the next three months at his greek club Iraklis of Thesaloniki.

While he was visiting the city of Korca, sitting side by side with his old coach and far away from his old "bosses", he let everybody know why he was at the Stadium. He was there to cheer for his old coach and see his old friends and teammates. And he did that with a joy as Skenderbeu of Mirel Josa defeated the reigning Champions, his old team.

Presently, about those who force him to move and play way from home, there is no compesation logic, but it is a realistic joy. He is choosen from the "EUROPEAN FOOTBALL YEARBOOK" as one of the top 100 players in Europe, the only one representing Albania.

Click the link to read about Indrit Fortuzi - Top 100 player of The European Football Yearbook, has the honour to observe his playing time and make such a impact on the voting choice. Our Chief Collaborator, Mr. Giovanni Nappi, who is the co-ordinator of Albania for the Edition of European Year Book has named Indrit Fortuzi as the best Albanian player among 100 other tremendous names all around Europe



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