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Tare and Bogdani “steam up” at the Albanian “DERBY”

ARBANITAI2010-05-10 04:28:14 +0000 #1
• Both strikers scored for their respective teams.

In a match without any cards, the Albanian due shined well. Both players, the main strikers of the Albanian national team, scored one goal each on a match dominated enough to win from the home team. The header from Bogdani equalized temporarily the match in the beginning of the second half. The captain of national team, scored the third goal for his team to put the match out of reach for the visitors, who got some help from keeper Peruzzi


Scorers: Di Canio 42’, Cesar 61’, Tare 80’ / Bogdani 53’, Peruzzi (og) 92’

LAZIO: Peruzzi; Belleri, Siviglia, Cribari, Zauri; Behrami, Dabo, Liverani (46’ st Baronio), Cesar (22’ st Manfredini); Di Canio (14’ st Pandev), Tare. Coach. Rossi.

SIENA: Mirante; Negro, Tudor, Legrottaglie; Foglio, Bachini (1’ st Locatelli), D’Aversa, Vergassola, Gastaldello (28’ st Molinaro), Bogdani, Chiesa (24’ st Marazzina). Coach. De Canio.

Referee: Marelli (Como)

Corners: 4-1

Attendance: 35.000

Albanian players and their chances:

15min -Tare is catched on offside on central throw of Liverani

23min - Possibility for the Siena: Bogdani cuts fromleft and enters in area, the Albanian then pulled to shoot, but ball was deviated and then saved from the keeper

33min - D’Aversa feared a throw for central roads to Bogdani, but the “guardalinee” catches Bogdani in offside

40min - A complained of Tare directed to Di Canio. At the limit of the areadoes not succeed to pass.Then the ball does not arrive at Tare that it is complained with the companion

42min - Lazio-Siena 1-0 cross from Behrami on the far right hand of the attack, Tare’s header was rejected short from Mirante, then Di Canio confirms in gol

47min - Attractive bet of Cesar that enters in area served in speed of head from Tare: then the Brazilian prefers to pull and shoot but blunders

53min - Unexpected balance of Sienna with Bodgani: cross from right hand of Foglio, Belleri comes anticipated from the Albanian that marks of head

80min - Lazio triples with Tare.Pandev steals ball from Vergassola at the center field and serves in counterattack the Albanian that does not blunder

It is been deserved the success of the owners of house, that however rarely have been able to relax: merit of Bogdani who scored the header to equal the match. With the score 2-1, then tare puts everything on silence after scored the third goal to put Lazio up two goals



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