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OM 1-0 PSG Victory!

ARBANITAI2010-05-10 08:21:35 +0000 #1
A Lorik Cana header from a Samir Nasri corner gave Marseille their first win against their Parisian rivals since 2002. A huge win which sees the team move to within three points of second place.

OM 1-0 PSG

1-0 : Cana (79)

The win, at last! And it feels good, incredibly good. After such a long wait, victory was delivered thanks to the head of Lorik Cana. How symbolic. A win that ended the terrible run of results against PSG.

No more losing mentality. No more bad luck. No more bête noire. Marseille has drawn a line through the words that for three years have defined their OM-PSG vocabulary. These clichés have been consigned to the dustbin.

The result was a deserved one – that is the least we can say. The Olympians gave it everything, and then some. They harassed. They dominated. They battled. Ribéry and Oruma fought as though their lives depended upon it.

Yet despite all their best efforts, it appeared for a while as though Marseille could finish empty-handed. Despite being constantly on the ropes, the Parisians thought they would still emerge victorious. PSG were blessed with the good fortune of lucky charm Jérôme Alonzo and a lack of accuracy from the OM attackers.

And the shots were firing in from everywhere. Close-range, long-range, from every angle, every opportunity to shoot was exploited. It appeared only a matter of time before the goal came, but football is a funny old game and it could have been cruel had it not been for a brilliant Barthez denying Semak in the first half.

Barthez (Le Divin Chauve) was making his big return and he delivered everything that was expected of him. The central defensive trio of Cana-Andre Luis-Cesar did the rest, comfortably keeping the opposition danger at a respectable distance.

All that remained was to score that precious, liberating goal. Marseille came out from the half-time break even more determined. Franck Ribéry was getting the better of anything red and blue that stood in his way and, in the 65th minute, fired over the bar after carving out another great shooting chance.

Paris were stretched to the limit and in the 79th minute they snapped. Cana wrestled free of Kalou’s tight marking and climbed to head home Nasri’s corner. As the ball hit the back of the net, the Stade Vélodrome erupted in joy.

Jean Fernandez’s players then used every last ounce of energy to preserve their slender advantage until the final whistle. Literally being pushed beyond their physical limits by the supporters, the players fought the Parisians for every square centimetre of grass. At 10:50pm, they raised their arms to the skies in victory, as the scoreboard confirmed: “OM 1-0 PSG".

Another story began on Sunday night.



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