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ARIANIT_C2010-05-10 11:29:08 +0000 #1
Founded: 1950

Seasons in Superliga: 54

Biggest Win: Dinamo - Puna 12:0 (1951)

Biggest defeat: Dinamo - 17 Nentori 0:4 (1958 and 2000)

Trophys: 16 times Champion. 13 times Cup Winner.

Its good to open a thread for a team which will take part in IntertoCup this season.

ITs known their first oponent: Varteks Varazdin from Croatia

Tirana recently made some changes, starting from coach, which now on will be the experienced argentinian Ramon Cabrero.

Before coming to Albania, Cabrero was in Lanus/Argentina as part of their staff.

Main reason he joined is Dinamos manager / drejtori sportiv Pedro Pablo Paskuli who is from Argentina aswell.

Cabrero's assitant will be Radolofo Domingues, argentinian, lately in Racing's staff.

He will now bring 3 players from argentina, same team where he camed from. Names are not known but one of them is left defender, a midfielder and a striker.

Dinamo few days ago signed one of the best defenders of Superliga, Julian Ahmataj, who played with Elbasani the past season.

There are few rumors that Redi Jupi will join them very soon.

good luck to tirana

ARIANIT_C2010-05-10 11:34:30 +0000 #2
Elvis Sina of KF Tirana

is suspended four matches

and fined 100.000 lek from Discipline Committee,

due to his below standard actions against the referee...

damn what the hell is he doing



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