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Lorik Cana - PSG, no hard feelings

ARBANITAI2010-05-10 05:29:42 +0000 #1
Parisian last season, Lorik Cana will play his first OM-PSG under the white shirt Sunday.

"It will never be a match like the others"

Parisian last season, Lorik Cana will play his first OM-PSG under the white shirt Sunday. The key according to him will be to “win the duels” and mostly wishes victory in order to stick to the top of table

This will be your first OM-PSG under the white shirt Sunday, how do you feel about it?

We are excited enough thinking about this big match. We know how supporters are excited and how much they wait for the match. We try to tackle on it the same way as the others even if it‘s different. When the match comes, one begins to think about it, it‘s natural. But there are so many rendez-vous and matches between that there is no time to think about it. Personally, I began to think about it only since Wednesday and my coming from selection. It is an important game and if the result is good, it is good to us. But if the score is negative, one should not over concentrate on it.

The match will be tensed Sunday at the Velodrome?

Today, there is not really a duality or negative things on the ground. It is mostly everything around us which made it electric. It is certain that this match will never be like an other. There are matches like this in every country, whatever between Real and Barca or between the two Milans. Everyone is going to watch this game. Paris is second and we are ninth, it will not be a top table duel but if we beat them, we would make a big step forward to come back. The context must not over all take an extraordinary weight but we should do everything to win it especially when one knows how much this match is important for supporters of both teams.

Is the passion bigger in Marseille or in Paris?

The excitement is not the same on both sides. I said it before, I think that people feel more concerned here. In Paris too, one begins to talk about it five or six matches before but the city and supporters are more concerned in Marseille.

Parisian supporters do nott really accepted your leaving and may be tough to you, is that an other motivation to you?

This can not be a motivation. I know that a part of the audience thinks that way and it is offensive. People do not think to what I had achieved in Paris and only think to one thing. I can not blame them for it, everything is free of thinking what he wants. What he did with Paris at Marseille, well I want to do it today in Marseille. I have got a new role in a new club and the rest is behind me.

Pauleta and Cissé suspended, Letizi missing, it is good luck for OM…???

Very good players are still here, but we can not hide that it would have been better for them to have theses players on the ground. Lionel (Letizi) is one of the best goalkeeper in France, Pedro (Pauleta) was several time best scorer in L1 and Edouard (Cisse) is a very experienced player. I certainly prefer them when they are not here. They have very good players able to make the difference like Kalou or Dhorassoo. They are second in L1 with twenty points and this is not only luck. They have few weak points but for the moment, they are still better than us. We must not concentrate on individuals but a team must win against an other team.

Have you still friends in the parsisian team?

I kept in touch with some of them but not with every one like the ones with whom I grew up in the formation‘s center. We call each others from time to time and our relationships have not change as friends, but on the ground they are not my partners anymore. We will be friends before and after the game but not during. It will be the same from their point of view, everyone must fight for himself. We will laugh about it later but I hope I will laugh more than them.

How do you explain that Paris won so many matches against OM these last years?

There is no secret remedy. But I remember that when I came on the ground with the PSG shirt with my ex partners, I was hoping to win all my duels. And if one take a look back to all OM-PSG, it is true that Paris was used to win most of the duels. Now we will have to do the same with Marseille Sunday.

Were the PSG players afraid of going to the Velodrome?

Not a fear but rather a motivation to come and have a result like in every stadium against every big teams. I think that they will come with the same fighting spirit in order to come and make a hit at Marseille. They know that if they win they will let us behind but that if we win we will be only be three points behind them.

Can OM put an end to the dark matches against Paris this year?

We made some good things last days but we know that there are weaknesses still. We will especially have to use our mental which makes our force in these days on and outside the ground, come on the ground with the wish to win every ball. We have players able to make the difference at any time on front. We had defensive problems at first but they were solved easily. We can not be sure of anything before it happens but we will be in any case sure of our strength as they will be. These matches between OM and PSG are not often incredible but the manner is not important, whereas the result is.



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