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Lorik Cana - Brilliant as needed

ARBANITAI2010-05-10 05:33:35 +0000 #1
The Albanian national shines with his heroic header against his old parisien club, to give OM the first win of a thriller since 2002

Cana´s Goal ==>

A head of Cana on a corner-kick of Nasri gave its first win in OM against its Parisian rival since 2002. A liberating success, which projects the Olympians in three small points of the second place.

It is, there finally. And it makes of the good, a mad good. Such a waited win arrived just like that from head of Lorik Cana. Whole symbol. It puts a full stop by the final way in thriller faced with PSG. More of psychosis, curse or black animal. OM scratched these expressions of its Marseillo-Parisian vocabulary. These plates belong now to the past.

At the edge of break, Paris surrendered in the 79th minute. Cana drags itself from the gluing together - gripped by Kalou to divert of the head a corner-kick drawn by Nasri. By finishing its running in nets, the ball liberated the valve of the Velodrome.

A group of stars was in the Velodrome on Sunday. The Live broadcasting of before - match of OM tv so saw procession stars of sports and the world of show as Jackson Richardson, Mehdi Sanhoune or the ancient Olympians Franck Sauzée and Bruno German. Didier Barbelivien, Clara Morgane or else Mickael Youn were also in date. Fabled Jean-Pierre Papin was also within the Velodrome to attend win of Marseilles



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