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Gjasula Between Albania & Germany

ARBANITAI2010-05-10 06:34:38 +0000 #1

Between Albania and Germany,

I will choose …….?????

Born in Albania, immigrated when he was five years old with his family, raised in Germany, still speaks fluent Albanian.. “I am Albanian blood and I will always be. I just came back from Albania. I went there with my father to visit my homeland and my relatives”- explained the Kaiserslautern’s future star. His father, the nephew of Gani Merja and Skender Halili has much to say about their soccer tradition in the Tirana’s family. Kindly, the youngster spent few minutes via-phone with ALBANIASOCCER.COM, to talk about his situation in the foreign land, which has become his home. “I enjoy the time here. I have adapted and I feel very comfortable, as well as my family”. His parents, probably knew right after their son was born, he may be a good soccer future star. They named him after Klinsman, the German soccer icon in 80-es and 90-es, Germany’s national team coach at the moment. “No, I doubt it. It’s just a coincidence. Our names sound the same, but are spelled differently. I asked myself few years back the same question and my father with a smile explained the no-relation between.”

After he played at youth Freiburg, his contract was bought from Kaiserslautern at the start of last season. Freiburg appealed and Kaiserslautern had chosen to pay up to 100.000 Euro to have the Albanian talent in their team. They won. He played as a substitute in few matches this year hoping to change his role to a starter. “After the last match of Bundesliga this year, my coach promised he will give me one of the starting role positions next season. So, I am looking forward to it.

The team signed the other Albanian midfielder, Ervin Skela, who together with Jurgen can be one of the most potential duos in midfield that Bundesliga has seen.

Jurgen, is considered from German soccer experts “The Germany’s future”. Should we hope he will be Albania’s future or should we be proud he is considered Germany’s shining star?. “I am flattered about the opinions most of the specialists have expressed. In the mean time, it’s too early for me to decide. I am in the start of my soccer carrier and I haven’t reach a conclusion yet”.

Officially, Jurgen had offers from both, Germany’s U-19 and Albania “A” team. “When Germany U-19 put my name on the list, my coach at Freiburg at that time, didn’t let me take part with the selection. I couldn’t do anything about it. Also, Axel Ross had contacted me few times to consider playing for Albania National team. Not to forget few executives from Albania Federation, as well as Altin Lala who plays for Hannover”.

As, his new president calls him the young Michael Ballack, Albanian sensation is expected to have the year of recognition in soccer.

We, at ALBANIASOCCER.COM, wish Jurgen the very best. We will be very happy to see him play for Albania, but at the same time we will be very proud of him if he decides to play for the 3 time World Champions, Germany.

philipas2010-05-10 06:45:38 +0000 #2
Hey I just had a look at your albania soccer site...not bad, but why is kosovo in there as well..??
Milos_2010-05-10 06:50:50 +0000 #3
it's because they forced all the serbs to leave kosovo and now they are showing how proud they are of it
mala_srpkinja_uk2010-05-10 06:50:28 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by milos_serb

it's because they forced all the serbs to leave kosovo and now they are showing how proud they are of it

but it isnt albania
Milos_2010-05-10 08:04:49 +0000 #5
i know but they think it is
mala_srpkinja_uk2010-05-10 08:41:41 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by milos_serb

i know but they think it is

lol i dont get it, its like us puting bosna on out football website
Milos_2010-05-10 07:13:41 +0000 #7
ya i know but this isnt the place to talk about this
mala_srpkinja_uk2010-05-10 06:57:10 +0000 #8

Originally Posted by milos_serb

ya i know but this isnt the place to talk about this




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