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SiN2010-05-10 09:27:24 +0000 #1
The Croatian Football Federation have been fined £14,920 for the racist behaviour of some of their supporters in the World Cup qualifier against England earlier this month.

England striker Emile Heskey was subjected to monkey chants from a small section of the crowd at the Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb after being booked during the 4-1 victory for Fabio Capello's side.

The FA had asked Fifa to investigate the incident and the world governing body have today issued the fine.

A statement said: "Racism has no place in football. Fifa is determined to continue broadcasting this message around the globe and deploying all of the means at its disposal to eliminate this form of discrimination."

It is the second time in a matter of months Croatian fans have been found guilty of racist behaviour with Fifa issuing a small fine during Euro 2008 following chants during their quarter-final against Turkey.

FIFA's disciplinary committee have now warned the Croatian Federation further incidents could result in "more severe sanctions".

The statement continued: "The FIFA disciplinary committee has fined the Croatia Football Federation CHF 30,000 (£14,920) for the racist behaviour of some of their supporters at the 10 September 2008 Croatia v England preliminary competition match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

"The Croatian Football Federation was found guilty of a violation of article 58, paragraph 2 of the FIFA disciplinary code, and received a warning regarding its future conduct according to article 13.

"Further infringements of article 58 would lead to more severe sanctions by the FIFA disciplinary committee."

DinoMostarac2010-05-10 09:40:20 +0000 #2
Not surprising to hear about the Croatia racist comments and ect. In football such things happen all the time, the fans get to into the game and let their emotions pour out, and especialy when your team is losing to a newly created rival their will be extra emotion put into the game. It's unfortunate Croatia was the one fined for this, but these types of things happen all the time in football.
Cro_Sensation2010-05-10 09:53:57 +0000 #3
It happens in every league. Italian league is nuts on it, as is the Spanish league and thensome.

The 90s was ruled in England with psychotic hooligans, constant racism and discrimination against anyone that the fans didn't like cause of their skin colour or ethnicity. They should be the last to talk.
DALMATINAC_232010-05-10 10:16:14 +0000 #4
Kovac is out for 4 games and he was fined for the (slight over reaction).

I think Bilic should give Cvitanic a go but he never will

the team should go something like this








Cro_Sensation2010-05-10 09:58:40 +0000 #5
What 4 games and a fine? Are you kidding me... Pfff...

Anyways. Chances are that Klasnic won't start, he's been injured as of late. Petric will probably start if he keeps his form that he has now at Hamburg. 3 goals in 2 games already.

Cvitanich hasn't done anything at Ajax yet. He needs time to settle.

It's going to be a Petric - Olic duo in front most probably since they always start together at Hamburg, so they know how to play with each other.
DALMATINAC_232010-05-10 10:43:27 +0000 #6
ye it's definately going to be an advantage having Olic and Petric playing together at Hamburg until Eduardo comes back.
shevafan2010-05-10 12:04:42 +0000 #7
Vukojevic probably will start instead Kovac. That wopuld be interesting since both Vokojevic and Srna play in Ukraine.

Ukraine's chances are OK in my opinion. This should be an equal match if Croatia doesn't explode with some insane passing and playmaking.
Cro_Sensation2010-05-10 11:10:32 +0000 #8
------------- Pletikosa --------------

Corluka - Krizanac - Knezevic - Simunic

Srna ---- Modric -- Rakitic ---- Pranjic

---------- Olic ------- Petric ---------

How does that look? ... Rakitic usually plays a central role, same as Pranjic on the left. It's his natural position. He can't play defense imo, it's just not his spot.

I wouldn't start Niko Kovac personally...

This may seem decent also.

------------- Pletikosa --------------

Corluka - Krizanac - Knezevic - Simunic/Pranjic

------------- Vukojevic -------------

Srna --------- Modric -------- Rakitic/Pranjic

---------- Olic ------- Petric ---------

Also, not sure if you guys read, but Ivo Illicevic got a call up. Which is good, cause he's a solid Mid for his age, but for some reason... Dino Drpic got one too.

I don't know what thats about, but Bilic said he took what he believes is the best at the moment... I know we're struggling with defenders.. but cmon.

Wheres Pamic or Ipsa's call up?



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