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Who's gonna pair up at the Euros?

Cro_Sensation2010-05-10 10:09:33 +0000 #1
It's official that Dudu is out of the Euros. It's time for someone to take his place.

Since we know Petric has his spot secured. Who's going to pair up with him?

- Olic (Hamburg) ?

- Budan (Parma) ?

- Klasnic (W. Bremen) ?

- Rakitic, Yes he's a midfield player, but he'd also play as a foward at Basel (Schalke)

Also, this may give Bilic the idea to call up some other talent..

Kalinic (Hajduk Split) and Mandkuzic (Dinamo Zagreb)..

We might play lone striker in front too...

I'd like to see Petric and Budan/Rakitic go in front. Budan is a strong foward and amazing in the air. As for Rakitic, it's time to let the kid shine and he's best friends with Petric, played together at Basel for a while also. Good partnership.

Your thoughts?
GalaPagoSaraY2010-05-10 10:17:00 +0000 #2
i think Croatia shud go for Petric and Budan if they are playing with 2 strikers. I havent seen that much of Budan but what ive seen so far he is a solid striker, and as you say petric place should be secured as he is a fantastic striker and have kept a good form.

I think the closest competition to those 2 is Ivica Olic, he to has kept an amazing form and have alot of speed and his reactions are really strong.

As for Klasnic i think he is somewhat finished because of all his injuries although he is a good player on his days, he would be a bit of a gamble for a starting squad due to his constant injuries.

Rakitic shud be playing on the midfield, he is tprobably the biggest talent ive seen in europe for a long time, his passing is already extremely good and he has quite a hard shot which makes him more suitable on the midfield along with Modric. The other 3 u mention from the croatian league i havent heard of except a bit of Mandkuzic. Croatia have alot of good strikers and passing players at this euro, they could go all the way, but its a big blow with Eduardo out though
COMEGATOS2010-05-10 10:22:48 +0000 #3
Klasnic it weird that Dudu suffered that injury on the premier league..after Croatia kicked out England of the euro...and make them look ridicoulus??...........mmm............

Man I like how Croatia plays, they beated us on a freindly match 2 years ago



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