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Aussie Croats talk about possibility of playing Croatia

Hercegovac2010-05-10 15:38:49 +0000 #1

JUBILATION, ecstasy, a feeling of disbelief, pain (self-inflicted from all the pinching of oneself).... These were just some of the emotions that the Socceroos were experiencing immediately after their historical triumph against the Uruguayans in Sydney on Wednesday night.

Although everyone who was swept up in the post-match festivities around the country felt understandably proud, for our very own Soceroos of Croatian extraction, it was a lifetime of emotional build-up.

Forever dreaming of one day representing Australia at World Cup level, that dream is now a reality with the Socceroos bound for Germany next year, following their heart-stopping penalty shootout win at Telstra Stadium.

The triumph was particulraly sweet for the Socceroos who were involved in the failed attempt four years ago against the Uruguayans.

At an exclusive post-match function, the 'Croatian Herald' caught up with some of the Socceroos of Croatian extraction and asked them how they were feeling, as well as their thoughts on possibly coming up against Croatia at the World Cup next year in Germany.


On Australia qualifying for the World Cup:

"My third campaign has ended in the best way possible. No words can describe the feeling. Absolutely fantastic. We did it for Australia and for the football supporters".

On the possibility of facing Croatia:

"We would love to. There are eight of us in this team and we would all love to meet them in the WC. I think that would be a fantastic match".


On Australia qualifying for the World Cup:

"Magical feeling, but it hasn't even properly sunk in yet. Everyone played well tonight".

On the possibility of facing Croatia:

"Just like any other game (laughs). It would be magic to play them, I have a few friends in the team so it would be great to face them".


On Australia qualifying for the World Cup:

"It's a relief, we've worked really hard for this over the last four years. There have been a lot of sacrifices and plenty of dedication from everyone involved and it's just a relief that we have finally done it."

On the possibility of facing Croatia:

"I'm an Australian through and through. Not fussed about Italy or Croatia, I only care about Australia ."


On Australia qualifying for the World Cup:

"Just been talking about it to a few friends and the feeling hasn't sunk in yet. Going to the World Cup is a dream come true, really looking forward to it."

On the possibility of facing Croatia:

"It would be brilliant. If we play Croatia it would be great, because there are so many Croatian boys in the team. We'd love to play Croatia . We would really enjoy it."


On Australia qualifying for the World Cup:

"It's great to be part of it. It hasn't sunk in yet but it will be great to be in Germany next year."

On the possibility of facing Croatia:

"We would all be buzzing to play against Croatia , word can't explain the feeling that we would get playing against the country of a our parents. That would be great."

MARK VIDUKA (Captain):

On Australia qualifying for the World Cup:

"What a feeling. It hasn't really sunk in yet but I think it's gonna be huge in Germany next year. We had the belief and confidence, all we needed was a bit of luck to get past this psychological hurdle and now we are finally going to the biggest sporting event in the world. With this team and this coach, we can cause a few upsets."

On the possibility of facing Croatia:

"I would love to play them. I have alot of mates in that team and their coach used to coach me at Dinamo Zagreb. Last time we played them we got trounced 6-0. This time around, I think we can beat them. Football is a funny game and maybe our destiny is to play the 'Vatreni'. Either way, it's still a long way away."


When we posed the above questions to 'Spider', the only reply we got from the jubilant and understandably exhilirated ex-Sydney United shot stopper was the following....

"Volim piti, volim piti i ljubiti, takvoga me majka rodi takav cu i ostarit!!!!!!!"

No no Marko it was 7-0 i think you are well aware of that

it would be a good game to watch and hopefully Croatia B ops sorry Australia

get to be in the same group as Croatia

Hercegovac2010-05-10 15:52:52 +0000 #2
Btw there are 35 or so Croats that are going to be playing in Germany next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
davor_suker2010-05-10 15:52:37 +0000 #3
Id love to see this game, i heard they might even play it in SYDNEY, which I dont think is a smart thing to do because a lot of the players wont want to travel that far again, from both sides.



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