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Portugal vs Croatia friendly

Hercegovac2010-05-10 14:15:50 +0000 #1
Portugal 2 - Croatia 0

Well what can i say it was a very hard match to watch, the midfield was very weak and we didnt play well as a team we had a lot of chances the best came from R Kovac when he had the ball after the keeper thumped it on the ground it was a clear shot yet he blasted the ball over the bar and back to Croatia or something!

Bosnjak in my opinion should never be let on the NT! this guy is a fool and cant play team sport every shot he went for he wants some INDAVIDUAL effort like he is Ronaldo or something....

I praise Balaban and Prso for trying there hardest and creating many chances we attacked very well but because of some very silly mistakes we missed out.

Portugal shut down Srna very well and i was quite surprised how he managed to pull some of the old tricks he uses

he still went down the wing and out ran them but then he gets swarmed... Im not sure if he is injured badly because he got subbed early in the second half? because of a clash with a Portugal outfit?

Overall i rate our team performance 4/10. 3 points for the attack (Balaban & Prso) and 1 point for the defense.

I rate Portugals effort 8.5/10

Dado_Prso_092010-05-10 14:28:24 +0000 #2
yeah i agree with that the defence looked foolish ronaldo was making them look like idioits . thank go its only a friendly . But again.... we always play our best when it counts



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