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Help with Croatian League and Cup

SeVeNDuS2010-05-10 14:08:42 +0000 #1
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to develop the Croatian League and cup for the FIFA Manager 06 with all realistic data, teams, players, etc....

But, I have found some questions...

1.- How work exactly de 1.HNL???? I have read that the 6 first position, plays to win the championship, it's correct??? which teams is releases to 2. HNL??? and how??? I have read that the process to release is the same to win the championship, the 6 last position plays a playoff; and the two last position, release to 2.HNL

2.- Where I can find the posistion (correct position) of the team's players??? I always found only goalkeeper, defense, midfielder or attack.

Many thanks in advance



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