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How to Improve Croatian football?

Rob iz Kanade2010-05-10 18:32:39 +0000 #1
Hello gentleman,

I am a new member and like many of you are extremely disappointed over the poor showing of our beloved National Team against Malta.

This has been a rough summer for Croatian football, with both the national team playing poorly in its last two games, as well as the debacle with Hajduk Split and to a less extent Inter, in European club competitions.

What can be done to improve the quality of Croatian Football? Perhaps a joint domestic league with other neighbouring countries such as Hungary and Slovenia? There needs to be a way to keep players playing at home that will allow them to develop. (rather than going abroad and rotting on the bench i.e. Biscan & Pletikosa), while at the same time providing an entertaining product so the fans in Croatia will come out to the stadiums.

What are your suggestions.

davor_suker2010-05-10 18:34:43 +0000 #2
Hi mate welcome to the forums.

I think the game against Malta is just what the doctor ordered - it didnt screw us up entirely, but it will prevent us from being complacent ever again. I think we will come out of this stronger. Our NT performs better with its back to the wall, im confident we will finish in 1st place and go straight through to Germany.

The NT has disappointed lately but like i said i think that is down to complacency.

Hajduk Split was a disaster, Inter i dont really count because they lost so many key players. The league is corrupt and things need to be done to change it.

What can we do? I say privatisation is the main change needed, Dinamo and Hajduk are run so poorly im amazed the shitty league hasnt ruined our NT.

Our league obviously cannot compete with the big leagues in Europe, and money wont necessarily make us competitive (look at Qatar). Have you seen the format of the Australian A-League? I think it would be ideal.

The A-League is aimed at developing young players, blending youth with a few experienced campaigners. The league would be competitive but more importantly it will be a key factor in the performance of our NT.

We could also follow the Dutch system, where a huge emphasis is placed on younger player development. Look at their NT now, its insane.
bijelopolje2010-05-10 19:10:42 +0000 #3
our boys really need to be playin regular football so as to be on song for NT duties.

how? i have no idea lol



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