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The Next Qualifiers

soccerates2010-05-10 15:22:01 +0000 #1

I might have the opportunity to watch Croatia's next qualifier as the venue showing the Italy game will also be showing the Croatia game. So before I do, I'd like to be a little more informed on what might likely be the formation the coach uses, and some opinions of the players. It makes things more enjoyable for me to know something more about them...which I have a pretty good grasp of already due to IVAN7637 and Davor_Suker helping to keep me informed.

Would like to here from all of you:

1 - What the formation you think will be, which players etc

2 - What you think of the players.

Hvalla Puno,

purger2010-05-10 15:37:34 +0000 #2
Formation we play is 3-4-1-2

Players that will likely to play are:

Butina (Club Brugge) - solid goalkeeper,curently in better form then Pletikosa

Tomas (Galatasaray) - last season best turkish league player,excellent in marking,has a bit major problem with passing.

Kovac (Juventus) - probably in top 5 worlds best defenders

Simunic (Hertha) - good defender,has excellent tehnique,knows sometimes to complicate simple situations

Babic (Leverkusen) - solid young left midfilelder (winger), his time will definitely come

Kovac (Hertha) - hard working midfielder, croatian Gattuso, captain of NT, doing all the hard and dirty work for the team

Tudor (Juventus?) - good player, in NT plays in midfield.

Srna (Sahtjor) - young right winger, excellent right foot (younger version of Beckham),has no respect towards "big" names,giving 100% in every match he plays,no matter who opponents are. Liverpool almost bought him this summer. Future star of croatian and european football

Kranjcar (Hajduk) - "fantasista", young attacking midfielder, great vision to create scoring oportunities for himself and the teammates,still has a lot to learn and needs to improve a lot his running abilities

Prso (Rangers) - our best player,excellent skills,the main star of Rangers

Klasnic (Werder) - good striker, excellent in the club, in NT we still wait him to explode,when he does, watch out Europe

We have excellent defense, I would dare to say,one of the best in the world. In midfield,we mostly play through wingers (Babic, Srna).

Overall, it's a good team,we have problems when playing with small teams who only defend themselves 'cause we like to try to outplay the opponents (Italy knows this very well

davor_suker2010-05-10 15:38:34 +0000 #3
I agree with Purger thatd probably be the most likely line up, however you may see Jerko Leko having a go instead of Niko Kovac, Jerko is one of our best players and is never used, interest from Arsenal, Tottenham and others was not unfounded but the coach hasnt really given him a go. Hes an excellent player and i hope he will get a go.

Butina is an OK goalkeeper, hes getting better but is still prone to the odd howler.

Tomas is just solid. Very solid and simple. Wins the ball effectively, gets it to the first available man.

Simunic is heavily underrated. Many bundesliga analysts have stated he is one of if not the best defender in the league. He is excellent in the air and this is useful in set pieces. He has been prone to some stupid mistakes but he has improved a lot in that respect.

Robert Kovac, an unsung hero for us and world class. Amazing man marking abilities, he isnt fast but he doesnt really need to be. Gutsy defender but tends to make one stupid mistake per game, besides that hes extremely solid and i feel at ease when i know he is playing.

Babic is a pacy left winger, an excellent dribbler and has a good shot. Our wings are very strong, which is why we always attack from them.

Tudor is playing amazingly well for us since becoming a defensive midfielder. His past few games he has been world class, excellent passing and great tackles he gets the ball distributed very well. Has a great head on him and a powerful shot which is why he has scored in the past 2 wc qualifers. Probably our best against Brazil and Bulgaria.

Srna - well soccerates i have told you about him before, he is a great player, hes quite fast, an excellent dribbler, has great control and very good vision. Is especially potent in dead ball situations - set up 4 goals against iceland from these - and has a very cool head like Purger said. One to look out for.

Some have accurately compared his playing style with that of Pavel Nedved.

Kranjcar has been great for us lately with his excellent shooting and effective dribbling. He has amazing vision and control, just like Srna. However he doesnt get the ball enough as we play to the wings. He needs to become more fit and increase his pace.

Prso - Great dribbling, powerful shooting, top attitude - what more could you ask for? hes a fighter, fantastic in the air and a real motivator of the team. Rarely has an off game. In form for Rangers so expect to see him firing.

Klasnic is excellent at club level but has since failed to replicate that form on the international stage. I believe this is because of our wing play he is not used to that style, but i expect him to soon be firing.

Its a shame Olic got injured...he was just starting to fire. Hes a poor shot but great dribbler and extremely fast - just what we need.

You may also see a substitute appearance from Bosko Balaban, who wasnt great against Brasil but was a hero for Brugge the other night. Very underrated player whos starting to rediscover his form.

I agree Purger, our defence is among the best out there. We have held out a lot of teams even though we play attacking football. Soccerates thanks for expressing interest and itd be great if you could give a run down of the game for us if u catch it, itd be good to see a completely non-biased insight. Cheers.



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