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Tied on Points? What now?

Fenerliyim2010-05-17 13:14:38 +0000 #1
A lot of you've been debating who gets to be first if tied on points and no one seems to be sure so I'll explain.

How a tiebreaker is determined.

1. TFF first looks at the amount of points won in the Head to Head matches.

example: Fenerbahce beat 1-0 in the first game and lost 3-2 in the second. So this means Fenerbahce have 3 points and Bursa has 3 points. So we move on to the next tie breaker since we're still tied.

2. They look at which team scored more goals in the 2 matches played(away goals don't matter).

Example: Fener scored 3 and Bursa scored 3 so we move on to the next tie breaker since we're still tied.

3. Now they look at the goal difference in the league's overall standings. If they are tied in the goal difference as well, they team who scored the most goals gets the tie breaker.

example: Fenerbahce has a goal difference of 30. And Bursa 35. So Bursa has the tiebreaker between Fenerbahce and Bursa as of now. And will probably still have it at the end of the season unless FB beats Ankaragucu and TB with big margins and BJK wins big vs bursa.

Anyway lets say we are still tied:

4. Any team with an automatic loss aka like Diyarbakir will lose the tiebreaker.

5. If still tied then teams play a match vs each other, winner takes all style.

A 3 way tie is more complicated and I'll explain it another time.



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