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USA vs. Turkey Pictures

YesilTimsah2010-05-30 08:02:53 +0000 #1
These are the warmup/anthem pics that I took when I was at the game. All of my pictures can be found at:

You guys can also post your pics/videos here, nice to get other views from the game.

Here are some of my favorites:

1st Half Warmups

Turgay and Ibo, yedek for life

Turkiye yedek kulubu pass around in front of starters

Nihat - Semih love

Turkey's subs going to other end of pitch (Couldn't get good pictures anymore )

Turkey doing their runs

Turkey Stretching it out

Ayi Servet

Water Break!

Turgay showing off his ball skills

Turkey's defensive line

Man of Glass and Arda walking off the pitch

Karsiyaka USA

Sercan ball watching

Teksas USA - Anti Istanbul

US starters warming up

US yedekler passing around

Donavan getting his stretch on

US doing their runs

Interesting stretches by US players


Walking out to the middle

Tuncay looking at all the Americans around me

US Side

Turkish Side

Turkey team photo

Coin Toss

2nd Half Warmup

Mehmet Topal making his hair pretty

Ismail Koybasi


Semih + Sercan

Halil and Semih want that ball man!

Semih telling Halil that he's gonna get playing time and not him

Sercan staring off into space

Mehmet Topal stretching it out

Sercan Geliyor!

As you can see, after the last pic, I wasn't in the mood to take any more .

YesilTimsah2010-05-30 08:05:40 +0000 #2
BTW, when you click the album link at the top, make sure to click on Image Gallery view, it's much easier to see everything when you do that.



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