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Delete this forum please gambine2010-05-11 08:41
Omar and Tariq, I asked you to make this forum for the sake of my buddy, but he hasn't even posted h
Great job! Luka2010-05-11 08:19
Great job Czech Republic! We Slovan people are the best!
Romania is a team with great potential Hagi2010-05-11 10:26
I think that Romania is a great team and players like Hagi (he lead Galatasaray throught the UEFA CU
Transfer Rumours. Lato2010-05-11 09:01
Anyone hear of any? What about Dudek is he staying in Fyenoord since they are going after another go
Hagi leads Romania to win gambine2010-05-11 10:34
2-0, Romania over Cyprus, Hagi was the man in the game.
4Tickets (Czech Rep. - Denmark) for Sale (regular price!!!) friend2010-05-11 11:42
Hi there, I have 4 Tickets for the match Czech Rep. - Denmark I'd like to sell for the regular pr
Poland scoreless in 6! gambine2010-05-11 09:43
Is that ever a bad run A scoreless draw in a dull game against Finland. [This message has b
Favourites gambine2010-05-11 13:24
I think they have to be one of the favourites. Their qualifying group wasn't the most difficult, bu
LUCKY HOLLAND Fantastic2010-05-11 08:01
It should be yours victory or a draw. Better luck next time.
How unlucky gambine2010-05-11 12:06
The Czech's really could have done better in this tournament. They definately should have beaten Ho
ROMANIA OUT - What a shame ! Mihajloviç2010-05-11 08:54
I thought they deserved better, what a shame that Hagi had to go off like that !
Congrats to Poland! Ivan2010-05-11 11:57
3-1 in Kiev... not bad!
Poland's Road To World Cup 2002 Olisadebe2010-05-11 11:00
I need help from you. Erik W.2010-05-11 10:08
I've tried to find the clubs of these players, but I've been unable to do so. I hope that you can te
Any way back for Romania? Romire2010-05-11 11:23
Romania really really stunk it up against Italy, while its true that Italy are a very VERY good team
How will Romania fare against Italy today???? matias2010-05-11 11:26
I dont know what to make of this younger Romanian, and the fact that their strikers like Mutu and Il
Bulgarian teams Zvezda2010-05-11 08:54
Anyone to discuss about bulgarian teams in UEFA competitions ?
UEFA shame !!! Zvezda2010-05-11 11:15
Tavriya awarded match on default Despite losing 2-0 in the first leg of their second round clas
a question to bulgarian fans? Moon-Star2010-05-11 09:45
can you give information to me about PEDRAG PAJIN,ALEKS IORDANOV AND LAZOROV? BYE BYE
New Soccer Board Zvezda2010-05-11 10:49
Enjoy the new Soccer Board, only about Eastern European Football !!! It's new but with a big perspec
East European Soccer Board Desert2010-05-11 09:09
A new soccer board was's about east Europe mostly All the countries are included!! Ar
East European Soccer Board Desert2010-05-11 09:57
A new soccer board was's about east Europe mostly All the countries are included!! A
A Polish Nigerian? gambine2010-05-11 10:06
I read somewhere that a Nigerian player is trying to get Polish citizenship so he can play for the N
Dinamo to sue Sporting over Niculae transfer Cristina2010-05-11 08:22
Dinamo Bucharest are set to go to court if Sporting Lisbon fail to pay a £700,000 instalment on Mari
Gdzie jestescie Polacy? Lato2010-05-11 09:54
Czech Under-20 Prospects leejj2010-05-11 09:35
Who are the best young prospects in Czech football ? They reached the last 8 at the World Youth Ch
U21 EU Cup Slavenik2010-05-11 08:19
My country is very close getting at the Europian u21 Cup.
Hey Yugo-ajde okay see-you-bye!!! hahahahahahahahah Zvonimir2010-05-11 07:35
You mocked us for not making Euro but I told you we would have the last laugh! hahahahahahahahahaha
Sileks - Sloga 6-2 Slavenik2010-05-11 08:37
Sto da kazes?? Rezultatot si govori sam za sebe, konechno Sloga bese pregazena od nekoj. Vardar
Playoff results Drulic2010-05-11 07:49
Results and live scores Romania 1-1 Slovenia agg 2-3 Contra 64 Rudonja 56 Turkey 5-
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