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Seeking in a fitness program (male) I have a small body

human small fish and large _2010-02-20 20:10:34 +0000 #1
I am 1.7 meters, 50KG less than more lean, how to eat meat and beans did not last long, I want to go to practice bodybuilding. Out of practice that clearly muscle
cckd882010-02-20 20:22:01 +0000 #2
Oh, like you, buddy, and also relatively thin, but is still not in your way, ask a buddy on the stomach right? Fitness training fitness center is not necessarily going to go, of course, ¥ Training Know: physical training must be pragmatic and reality from everyone and sustained in order to receive good results, but the comprehensive development of the necessary attention to the body, the body is an organic whole , all tube system, interaction and mutual promotion of human activities in various tube system function requires a gradual increase, gradual process of adaptation, such as the violation of this law is not only not well enhanced physique, but also harmful to health, so long as You carefully follow the above training methods, you will reach your ideal goals.

¥ premise should be clear: You do not need to endurance exercise rest, training 4-7 times a week can be. Is increasing muscle training, a part of the muscles need to rest 48-72 hours, but also a process of muscle recovery, and so there is no pain in the muscles can continue doing the exercises, the pain will Lian Wan, has been circulating. By muscle training in general 3-4 times a week.

¥ practicing muscle order: first, training large muscle groups, post-training a small muscle groups, body alternating different muscle groups for training principles. Related to the overall strength of the human body's largest muscle groups are: the spine extensors, spine and hip flexor muscles around the legs of the muscles, the extensor arms, five major pectoralis major muscle groups, in the physical training process, should pay attention to the comprehensive development on the basis of muscle strength, but also with specialized training to the development of these muscle groups strength.

¥ more training large muscle groups: multiple training chest, back, waist, legs big muscle groups, not only make the body strong, but also can promote the growth of other parts of the muscle. In order to arm and train some people thick, just practicing and not practicing in other parts of the arm, but will slow the growth of the biceps. I suggest you make arrangements with large weight of the large compound action exercises, such as large weight squat exercises, they can promote the growth of all the other parts of the muscle. This is extremely important, not enough attention, so can not achieve the desired effect. Thus, in the training schemes and the arrangements to be more dead lift, squat, bench press, elected, pull-up these five classic compound action.

¥ do Local Training: Local training is relatively speaking in terms of the concept of training the body. In bodybuilding sports training are mostly using a local training - a training specifically for only a few or even one or two sites to practice. In short, such as you have practiced today, back to practice tomorrow, chest, legs and started practicing the day after tomorrow - until all parts of the body have been the corresponding exercises, and then start from scratch, and so back and forth.

This is the advantage of high efficiency, to the muscles enough recovery time: the system will never miss any part of the body.

¥ the best time: super-compensation, due to the excess energy of the material compensation, training, parts of the swollen muscles, hair hard, muscle circumference increased, so at this time began the training of a greater load of the best results. Otherwise, the muscle can be material for decreasing the amount of storage on the missed opportunity.

¥ warm-up after the event: strength training and training to do something before the muscle groups, joints and ligaments stretching activities, muscles can relax as far as possible, eliminating weary prison; the same time, enhance the training effect, make the muscles become more flexible, to increase muscle strength and reduce injuries.

¥ do aerobic exercise: is the need to consume a large amount of oxygen movement (jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobics, etc.). As a result of such campaigns need to consume a large amount of oxygen, making the body's circulatory system and respiratory system to be effective stimulus, effectively conditioning the body systems function. Of aerobic exercise on physical function of the systems than anaerobic exercise exercising my results (weight, sprint, etc.) effect has to be much better.

¥ aerobic exercise following key points: 1 perseverance: Stick to a daily exercise, each exercise at least 15 minutes, preferably 30-60 minutes of exercise time. Not every day should also be adhered to at least not less than 4 times a week exercise time. 2 step: the beginning of exercise not too large, as long as shortness of breath, rapid heart rate can be a feeling, and gradually increase the amount of exercise in the future. 3 sufficient rest: sports, after proper training, the body prone to fatigue. At this point we must pay attention to fully rest, preferably more than 1-2 hours of sleep time than usual to allow the body adequate rest, recovery time. This will help in a state of chronic fatigue, people have "exercising my body after exercise will be even worse," the illusion.

¥ food: Lian Wan later with whole body heat is better. After one hour after exercise in the eating. (Honey iced tea, steak, beef, egg, milk, chicken breast, almonds, broccoli, brown rice, low-fat ice cream, low heat chocolate, rich in carbohydrate and protein drinks), etc., can enhance the results of training. If you do not pay attention to nutrition than just training, then you can only become increasingly thin and weak!

¥ effective way out of muscle: to do push-ups, gradually to one-handed, but step by step, one-handed goal of more than 100, but requires the process is very effective. Also, do the parallel bars crank extension, hang pull horizontal bar, groups of not less than 100 a day, holding his hands flat brick move, insist on! Have time to do some effort to live the most effective

¥ the development of absolute power: absolute power that the people in the completion of the performance of certain actions by the forces without regard to their own body weight. To develop maximum strength can be repeated 1-3 times using the weight (equivalent to 85% of my greatest strength -95% strength) in 3-5 group training, rest 1-3 minutes between the two groups, one day after training, the best results.

¥ the development of muscle volume: the development of muscle volume of the most effective weight I be able to continuously do 8-10 times, a minimum of not less than six times, a maximum of no more than 15 times the weight of it, to increase muscular strength and muscular body will result in Training can be repeated more than 10 times the number, they increase the weight, repetitions, when less than 8 times, it is necessary to reduce the weight training. However, be careful straight, non-tempered people who frequently engage in power, the most out of using the weight can not be too large, because the effect of strength training is almost at an early stage does not depend on the weight of the size, as long as the weight of more than a certain minimum amount (about the maximum weight about 40% can be). RM said that a body-building theory, using a continuous load can do the maximum repetitions. For example, practitioners of a weight can only be raised five times straight, then the weight is 5RM. Studies have shown that the load on the training :1-5RM muscle thickening can develop strength and speed; 6-10RM load of training, can thick muscle, strength speed, but endurance increase is not obvious; 10-15RM load of training, muscle fiber thickening is not obvious, but the strength, speed, endurance were Chang-Jin; 30RM load of training, muscle capillaries increased endurance increase, but the strength, speed is not obvious. Can be seen ,5-10RM load weight increases muscle size for bodybuilding training.

Peak contraction exercise: it is to make muscles was trained in one of the main rule is very clear. It requires an action to do when the muscle contraction of the most intense position, to maintain what the state of such a contraction in the most tense, do static nature of practice, and then slowly return to the beginning of action. My method is the most intense feeling of muscle, the number 1

6, and put down.

¥ daily frequency: when I wanted them to be tempered, they cook 2 to 3 groups, this is actually a waste of time simply can not long muscles. Must be specifically drawn 60 to 90 minutes of time to concentrate on a certain part of exercise, every movement have done 8 to 10 group, in order to fully stimulate the muscles, while muscles need recovery time longer. Muscle saturation has been achieved so far, "Saturation" to self-feelings, its appropriate criteria are: acid, swelling, tingling, solid, full, expansion, and muscle shape marked on the sturdy and so on. But also to sharpen a part of every other day.

¥ heavy lifting speed: slowly lifted, slowly down, the deeper muscle stimulation. In particular, when laying a dumbbell, you should control your speed, do yield of practice to fully stimulate the muscles. Many people ignore the compromise nature of exercises, the dumbbell lifting even the completion of the task, and soon to lay down a waste of good time to increase muscle.

¥ psychological effects: muscle is affected by nerves, attention focused on the density will be able to mobilize more muscle fibers to work. When practicing a particular movement, they should be conscious so that ideas and actions into line, that is what is wanted to practice what the muscles work. For example: training vertical curl, it is necessary to bow their heads with their own eyes, watching his arms to see biceps slowly shrinking.

¥ repeat number of times: 1. Using small and large repetitions of training, the most conducive to the development of muscle strength 2. Repeat more times the weight of middle-training, can increase muscle size and muscle endurance, if the repeat number can exceed 20 times the weight of the above, then the little body muscle strength and muscle growth, will consume the body of energy, reduce fat and develop muscle meat product durability

¥ forces breathing exercises: for beginners to strength tempered by the use of limit (maximum) and sub-limit weight-bearing forces can not be too large; in the completion of strength training should not be done before the biggest inspiration in order to make moderate suction is appropriate; with the narrow glottis breath (tongue stand up on the teeth bore) can achieve a similar feel suffocated when the The same great power, and therefore do not hold your breath as much as possible in order to slow the completion of the largest forced expiratory training as well; training with the movements of breathing should also be changed, the correct breathing oxygen not only to play a role, but also can play a fixed strap adjust the position and assist in the completion of the action an important role. Have a professional nutritionist and coaching is the best.
hhqq4442010-02-20 20:31:55 +0000 #3
first to raise the level of physical activity, followed by muscle flexibility exercises, in the training process would also like to gradually increase the cardiovascular system. To put it more specifically cckd88 also correct, in that a brief summary of the key



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