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How to exercise your body and mind and will

songlichao0072010-02-22 16:11:15 +0000 #1
not a joke with you, so please be careful to answer
Prince Poldi2010-02-22 16:20:54 +0000 #2
on how to develop willpower

cultivating willpower process, and usually have to tie in with a process of implementation of the scheme, so that accustomed to the use of program people can manage their own because the scheme is the efficiency of the most able to form a tool. And improve efficiency, and achieve their goals, is the purpose of cultivating willpower.

The first is a clear plan objectives. Prepare for the exam to complete the work, and so on, and so on, goals should be as clear as possible: exam, people who want what kind of achievement, work, What is performance. This goal should be reasonable, but high, that is, not to waste too much energy on set, nor too low, the ancient words, and emulated on it, which was peace; emulated them, may peace under it. A simple test can also be an achievement to plan, work performance, personal development, you need a detailed analysis of the target as detailed as possible.

Second, is to understand their own can make use of information. Exam review, and what teaching materials on hand, what reference books, what supporting material; the completion of the work, what resources, what channels, what is a clear understanding, and is the Preparation may quicken the work.

These are the stock preparation, followed by the proposed projects. Scheduled to be finished also depend on the implementation, in order to allow more power to execute and easier to complete, has the following plans can learn tips:

* plans to pre-tight after the song, before tackling the difficult part. When the proposed projects are the most dynamic time, commonly known as three minutes warming gas children, saying that is the human nature of not longer. In fact, this is not simply blame, make the best use can also be multiplier. Since the beginning of a time when most body center, may wish to use this time to get the most strong and do not like the dry, hard to dry are dry before the one hand, slack in the future, and start with simple things will not be too difficult, and the other Perhaps the big bang in ways of looking at things that are so hard in front of the capture, followed by a good mood, you can completely adhere to the plan down, this is the best result.

* Plan in phases. A month-long program is divided into four weeks for a week, respectively, to clarify the mission and clear objectives, very easy to check on progress. Hundreds of stage three to five is appropriate, if each phase of the very long hours, large phase can be set small phases, each completed sum up the situation that can be little to celebrate in advance, delayed by the up as soon as possible. "Week" and "month" This is really good to use two units, but it would Jianjixingshi.

* Scheme must be revised and make up room. And this room does not affect the overall progress towards achieving the plan. If you're tight, we must work harder themselves to make the plan are set a little tighter, a little time of stay whatever the outcome, in the last 12 days, review finished can see if there is anything missing. Particularly the work, there must be understanding of the overall situation.

All in place, stopping short of practice. Practice, we should reward and punishment, but also encourage their own, using a positive force. Today, for example, that the reading did not see, the ballpark, and watching the ball in the plan still have to read the book, read more point - Do this when the punishment is only when an advance of the award. In particular, will insist on relying solely on their own, completing the time part of the plan, even if it is just coincidence, but also much to commend themselves, motivate themselves to once again insist on - the will is one such shape. Reading time to go God, and咱in no hurry, not impatient, not criticism, but not indulgence, once discovered, and gently thoughts lead back to the book up, with patience and right themselves, imagine what will happen to their own good. The other is the method of the problem. Of psychology, not a single stimulus efficient, reading not only to your eyes, but also I read, more importantly, handwriting, so that the efficiency can be increased a lot. The importance of the method of work is also a need to elaborate, multi-discuss, communicate, and efficient to learn the best way.

When you are good at using their own affairs completed, you will this way, because it is both rewarding and interesting things.

Cultivating willpower

for every one to overcome obstacles, are inseparable from the will-power; face each performed a difficult decision, we rely on inner strength. In fact, the willpower is not a birthright or impossible to change the characteristics, it is a way to train and develop skills.

Dictionary will "willpower" interpreted as "control impulses and actions of people power", the most critical is "control" and "power" words. "Power" is an objective reality, the question is how to "control" it.

Here a few help to strengthen your willpower, it may be worth a try.

1, pro-active

Do not confuse the willpower and self-denial, when it is applied to a positive and progressive goals, will become a tremendous force.

The U.S. East Coast know they drink too much of a businessman, but he is engaged in a very boring work, and drink a few glasses of wine before the meal seems to get people to relax the tense mood. Wine and tiring to live again made him drowsy, so often one will be drinking wine sound asleep. One day, the manager realized that he was in Jiejiuxiaochou a waste of time. So he decided not to excessive drinking, but to more time for sons and daughters of the body. At the beginning is not easy, is often thought that the wine aroma of overflowing, but he cautioned that his will be done now rather than lose from the proceeds. Later proved he was more concerned about the family and children, work together the greater the energy.

Active willpower allows you to overcome inertia, to focus on the future. In the face of resistance, the imagination behind it in overcoming its own happiness; actively engaged in the concrete practice to achieve their goals, you will be able to persist in the end.

2 was determined

United States psychology professor at the University of Rhode island James Proth to achieve a certain transformation is divided into four steps:

boycott - do not want change;

to consider - weighing pros and cons of changing;

Action - to develop willpower to achieve change;

persist - with the willpower to keep the change.

Some people are "chronic decision-makers," they know they should reduce the amount of alcohol, but the policies which indecisive result, can not be put into action.

In order to make up its mind their own goals for a specified period.玛吉柯林斯California, a teacher, on how to make your body slim down a bloated very concerned about. Later, she was elected the chairman of a public organization, we decided to lose weight 6 kg. To this end she bought a little more than his own body on the 2nd of clothing, to 3 months after the annual meeting of wear. Because of unremitting, Collins finally got his wish.

3, well-targeted

Proth professor who has studied a group of New Year's Day intended to change their behavior from the experimental object, found the most successful are those who target the most concrete, specific person. One of the men determined to do every day to his wife, pleasant and equal treatment. Later, he really did. And the other people only in general terms that the family who want to better the result is just a few days old and look like still quarrel.

Do not say the words devoid of substance such as these: "I intend to do some physical exercise," or "I plan to read a little book." But should be specific, clear that - "I intend to walk 45 minutes every morning," or "I plan to week one, three, five one-hour evening reading books."

4, on balance

If you can not see the practical benefits of physical exercise on the half-hearted words, the light is willing and can not make you willing to put on track shoes.

Proos professor who went to his consulting advice that there could be a piece of paper draw a good four grid in order to fill in the short-term and long-term losses and gains. If you intend to quit smoking, you can fill in the top two short-term losses on the grid: "I began to feel very sad," and short-term gain: "I can save some money"; the bottom two grid fill a long-term gain: "I the body will become more healthy, "and long-term loss:" I will promote an exclusive worry break up the monotony of the method. " Through such careful comparison, gathered from willpower to quit smoking more easily.

5, to change the self-

, however, know the harvest is not enough light, the most fundamental driving force resulting from change his image and take their own lives. Reasoning can sometimes convincing, but only in the emotional factor has been aroused, while she herself can be truly in response.

Tom three boxes a day, smoke cigarettes, despite the coughing, but still listening to doctor's advice, but rather its own way, according to pumping. "One day, I suddenly realized that is really dumb." He recalled, "This is not in the 'suicide' do? In order to survive, may I asked myself to quit." As to quit to make himself feel better, Tom produced a Gaidiao bad habits will power.

6, focusing on the spirit of

the famous 17th century French generals map Langwa known to take the lead, each stood to fight the ranks of the top. Someone else asked about the matter, he bluntly said: "My action looks like a brave man, but from start to finish was very frightened. I did not succumb to cowardice, but rather on the body, said - 'old boy, are you While shaking, the available forward walked! ' "The result resolutely to assault in the former.

A large number of facts have proven, it seems that they have the same indomitable will to act to help to become a person with a tenacious willpower.

7, strengthen their will

As early as 1915, psychologists 博伊德巴雷特 will have a set of training methods. Including the chair get up and sit down 30 times, put a box of matches all the way down and then loaded back to a one box. In his view, these exercises can strengthen willpower in order to in the future more difficult to face more serious challenges. Barrett's specific recommendations seem outdated, but his idea was to give people inspiration. For example, you can pre-arranged Sunday morning to do things, and resolve not to eat lunch on the run.

From New Jersey, Bill Bradley of New York professional basketball team's star, in addition to participate in normal training, he has come to court early in the morning every day, alone in a practice target shooting the ball foul penalty. "Hard work pays off," he has finally become the team scoring the most shots of people inside.

8, persist in the end

As the saying goes, "odds are", which contain difficult to combat and overcome its meaning. Proos in the people who quit smoking again after a study found that many people previously did not seriously consider how to deal with the temptation of cigarettes. So, although muster the strength to quit smoking, but can not persist in the end. When someone handed him a cigarette, when, in turn take over suck up.

If you're determined to quit drinking, then in any occasions are not to touch the glass. If you want to insist on jogging, even when the world woke up the morning with heavy rain, but also in the indoor workout as usual.


If it is stipulated facts themselves within 3 months to lose weight 25 kg, or three hours a day must be engaged in physical exercise, then the class can not achieve such a goal, the most strong will not help. Moreover, the consequences of failure would eventually come to naught their desire to try again.

In many cases, a single large target decomposition or many small targets may well be a good way. Intends to quit smoking in his room, Bob posted a slogan - "Every day do not drink." As the overall goal of the decomposition of alcohol into a specific action every day, so the next day can also re-affirmed their determination. To a weekend, Bob recalls the 7-days a series of "victory" when you are full of confidence and ultimately wine "worship" the.

10, and gradually develop

a strong will is not a sudden one night, and it is gradually accumulated in the process a step by step to form. The middle will be inevitable setbacks and failures, we must find themselves fighting lax reasons, in order to have a targeted approach.

Mary for the first time to quit, the next great determination, but failed. In analyzing the reasons for the awareness of the need to do something instead of Nayan. Later, she bought a needle and yarn, knitting sweaters when they want to smoke. A few months later, Mary completely quit smoking, and her husband returned to weave a wool vest, described as "double benefit."

11, make further progress

Practice has proved that every success will make further strengthen willpower. If you use a strong will to overcome a bad habit, then be able to access and yet another challenge to a duel, and win confidence.

Every time a successful one point can make to increase their self-confidence and give you the arduous journey to climb the cliff to provide a solid "footing." May face a new task more difficult, but since the previous successful this time and in the future will certainly win.
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With Bishi and want to do to pull urine can be measured the simmering



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