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How to train the muscles of the back? The waist and abdomen. .

nimafuc2010-02-22 18:10:03 +0000 #1
Can not go to the gym - fitness Daren please enlighten ah --- there how are the meat of the hip does not go by what effective training methods? To slim down the muscles do not excel at the hip, as it is difficult to see - when hey --- trousers down! !
rest on the hands2010-02-22 18:20:51 +0000 #2
can not go to the gym,

hip of meat is the hardest reduced,

my personal recommendation,

leapfrog the day, running stairs, leapfrog,

leapfrog five groups, each Group jumped three floors, then quickly ran down,

and then standing up and dancing, 5 groups, pay attention to the rapid, this can practice your abdominal strength with Yao Li, and the combination of very good on the body and then quickly run down,

and then went on to do sit-ups, to be a three groups of 30-50 months, vary from

Finally, relax, that is, small step to run the stairs, step by a grid, run a group on almost 3

just begun It's that training, hoping to help to you, only to spend half an hour a day, but it became difficult to maintain, fuel.



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