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How arrangements for the movement in the gym?

1992 Rose2010-02-22 20:10:17 +0000 #1
My height 150CM. Weight 46KG.

My main problem is the legs and buttocks. My waist is a bit rough. Like in a month's time, intensive training to slim down.

What should I do more exercise equipment? The need for a long time?

I am now a lot of time, you can go to several times a day? How long each time? How the allocation of all time?

Please answer in detail the professionals, I know nothing about them. .

Thank you!
Fitness faction2010-02-22 20:13:37 +0000 #2
Actually, your problem is not so hard! - You know, through the exercise can make your shape look better, but to change your diet! Now to the main light (less oil), the normal time, diet, do aerobic exercise, such as running (jogging), or brisk walking, aerobics classes on the (aerobics, aerobics, aerobic pedal, etc.) of these pairs of You can play the role of Fat Burn, in line with equipment to do the training. The training is mainly aimed at the lower body. Leg flexion and extension, such as sitting, standing after (side) kick, prone leg flexion and extension, looking at legs bent. Each action 3 - 4 groups, n = 12 - 15 - 20 seconds between rest periods, however, weight should not be too large, the average weight training according to their own. Waist parts: the longest to see sit-ups, as well as supine leg lift, dumbbell lateral pull (practice belly side) n = 8 - 10 (which is the base can be added) a rest, but 15 seconds.

Recommend a aerobics, and doing equipment. Do not have to go too many times a day, one can be, and each time 90 - 120 minutes.

Remember:: Note diet. . . . .

Yong Fitness Club
Chao H barbaric Growth2010-02-22 20:24:59 +0000 #3
This should be aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise was a better combination of effects of specific fitness coach, you can ask to give you a detailed plan



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