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Winter break to lose weight. . Want to go beyond the fitness one and a half months

XQ jay2010-02-23 02:10:36 +0000 #1
winter want to lose weight. . Fitness one and a half months to go beyond what cards do not need a good half a year ago. . What a good way to do
Blue Grass Xin2010-02-23 02:25:45 +0000 #2
diet or exercise are most healthy diet in this age group must not be guilty of lazy yo

go to the gym exercise is a very wise choice so that you do not worry about what the practice do in the gym training every day for at least one or two hours three times a week or so bar will be very useful if you do not think so tired can increase the frequency and duration of

train to? You should do on the treadmill 10 to 15 minutes warm-up jog, or brisk walking are all good practice down the equipment after the equipment is to lug your own practice 啦 - See which parts of your body still needs shaping and training on specialized equipment and training, where they help you

Plastic shape also help you to improve cardiopulmonary function and daily energy metabolism means that if the energy metabolism increases after the day you have no time for exercise if you consume more energy than most people! To do so would not gain weight it?

Lian Wan equipment if you want to lose weight it once again on the treadmill bar! Or riding a bicycle is also OK as long as possible the movement in general at this time is the fat you consume - and stick to you insist on not go so far! The most important step to finish the stretch the legs after going to bars or else save the thigh and calf together instead become duffel!

Eat breakfast lunch attention to aspects of it must be dinner time and according to the amount of staple food to eat Do not eat or hungry to try to lose weight do not eat fruit during the meal can not eat pork

I wish you a successful weight loss!
Lin 尐 楽2010-02-23 02:53:45 +0000 #3
The best way to lose weight is: a reasonable diet + proper exercise

reasonable not to eat less food to eat Oh, nothing less inside the stomach of the strategy will of course BM Oh, if there is to eat less, then your metabolic rate Oh, this will become a low weight for you is no good to eat so it is still an appropriate point bar a normal daily intake of at least 1,200 calories a day Oh, if you do not know if you can heat food on the network with the mint inside the Tool statistics 啦

During the day, when you eat a normal night, when you have to eat four hours before going to bed Oh, to be fasting

winter, will become the lazy person's words, if you have the willpower to try outdoor jogging good continuous running for 30 minutes -60 minutes but it could be a must adhere to maintain 4-5 times a week, I personally recommend you exercise jogging this sport is not particularly fast because the speed of Dietary Fat Reduction jogging jogging is to speed up metabolism but because the best The method of weight loss and metabolic speed, but speed has a direct role in the oh

(ps: one must begin to insist on more than 30 minutes jogging may be difficult you can first try to start from the brisk walking is brisk walking a little faster than we normally walk a little anxious a bit like being late to work fast when you insist on the kind of speed up the walk, after a period of time you can try brisk walking jogging and brisk walking together such as brisk walking for 20 minutes brisk walking and then jogging for 20 minutes and then jog a long time the latter can of course insist on running under 30 minutes a)

If you feel too cold outdoor sports, then I recommend that you also do not like running at home and in-situ Zhao Yi-ran Web sites for what is written in so much trouble running 2546 you use the most basic in-situ can be a

home run, then you can Jumping Aerobics pump it up (white-collar downsizing speaking) Yes you can go to cool potatoes or superior to download

These are my personal experience that you can refer to the following

the most important point in doing any warm-up exercises before exercise I remember doing a good job done we must remember that stretching after exercise oh
faint Ya-color2010-02-23 02:55:31 +0000 #4
o (∩ _ ∩) o. .. weight Mei - thin - body good results posted

I use is the point of high child, so nice, and the original just give it a try

Internet have sold if necessary try it



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