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Consult a fitness trainer on the question of training muscles

Dodge Love You2010-02-23 03:11:08 +0000 #1
winter at home, I went to the gym to do the cards in preparation for physical activity every afternoon

3-6 points, I grew up playing football (now 20 years old) are relatively well-developed leg muscles while the upper limb is a lack of Exercise

So now seeking a health plan is mainly upper extremity exercise (pectoralis deltoid biceps, etc.)

The more detailed the better, including training, jogging prior to the increase in how quickly the muscles, etc., etc.

On-line, then combined with the perfect sub -
Rare li ah confused2010-02-23 03:24:28 +0000 #2
I think the first one days thoracic +3, head of the two days shoulders + legs on day 3 back +2 head of the four days rest so 1 week you can stimulate the large muscle groups 2 times !
! Chest +3 head is because you are pushing the process of three chest muscles used a great deal of power, so push the finished chest to practice three best!
! Shoulders + legs because of the conflict can not afford to shoulder with the legs, chest pushed out to push the shoulder can not be who you are as strong and legs, you can not practice
! Back +2 head is because you pull back the process of two muscles with a great deal of power, so lawin back to practice two best!

My proposal about a few chest plate to push

first push on the chest after the push, followed by Incline Press Chest finally have to take the next folder dumbbell flat chest or the chest clip on the ramp! Push-ups wide grip pull-Chan can be further chest. But the best was the last to do

the second to push the shoulder to push the shoulder before the first pushed out after the post-plastic dumbbell shoulder shoulder shoulder push the plastic birds Finally, after the plastic legs, shoulders Well gym equipment trained to look for 2-3 months, but remember that the first line of squat legs do not have to master the great weight of the standard action! !

3rd straight points, pulling back I had to say so if the equipment is up and down force to pull back, wide front and rear give back thicker. Do not look down upon the back because no one can not always positive look at you! ! "I tell my fitness instructors on the" two must be a good practice because of the summer no one can wear every day, Guang Bangzi large compassionate arm dimensions and significantly more men, you taste more Zhuang! ! !

The above is how I will tell you the following exercises how increased muscle bar

because you practiced with the system, so every time Lianwan do not eat two eggs a bag of pure milk to drink - eating bread because Lianwan must add carbohydrates to promote muscle synthesis is to make muscles bigger also usually eat more attention to sleep - some people say eating eggs powder how much how much a matter of fact kind of let the muscles that are Huyou people! ! Want to muscle big a word to remember to eat three hours practicing seven hours do not eat can not bulky! !

The above are my own experiences do not copy! ! Believe that my proposal would allow the achievement of your goals and the success of earlier! ! I believe that you refuel! ! Also hope that my answer can help you! ! Ha ha! ! !
rhythm_142010-02-23 03:50:32 +0000 #3
1: Cardiopulmonary functional training program: (heart and lung function improvement is very favorable for increasing muscle)

2-3 times per week, every 30-60 minutes of heart rate control (220 - your age) x80% or so

2: Strength Training Program Reference

A. jogging warm-up for 10 minutes

B. stretch target muscles (using the static stretching)

the first day of the legs of abdominal training: leg training is beneficial to the body muscle length

sitting legs held four groups x10-12 times

Smith squat 4 sets x10-12 times

Leg give Group 4 x10-12 times

sit-ups 4 sets x15-20 times

sit-ups swivel Group 4 x15-20 times (exercise abdominal oblique muscle action)

hanging leg raises 4 sets x15-20 times

third day of chest shoulder training:

Horizontal barbell elected Group 4 x10-12 times

Incline Dumbbell group elected four times

x10-12 ramp dumbbell birds Group 4 x10-12 times

seated dumbbell-elected Group 4 x10-12 times

standing position Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 sets x10-12 times

Roman chair the fifth day of training, to come forward to back: Group 4 x10-12 times

T-type Rod Boat Group 4 x10-12 times

wide-grip chin-up Group 4 x10-12 times

squat dead lift 4 sets x10-10 times

anterior pull-down Group 4 x10-12 times

seventh day of the two, and 3 Training

seated alternate dumbbell curl 4 sets x10-12 times

EZ bar barbell curl 4 sets x10-12 times

rope under the pressure group 4 x10-12 times

one-arm dumbbell neck flexion and extension arm Group 4 x10 - 12 views



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