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Muscle soreness after exercise

Alibaba jumped2010-02-23 06:11:18 +0000 #1
previous figure is doing relatively well although I very tall dwarf - - but still a bit of departments and regions, but I started to my grandfather who lived after the food has become very good, or so fat so it is still the day after the exercise, but exercise is very The pain which I have long thought of my concern is that I can not stop exercising because of pain, but I have been so painful if the exercise is not such a state will be maintained ah - - I do not want to hurt their lives - - there are house will be so fat at home, do a holiday do worry that there are sub-tempered president before I was 17 years old, 159cm very low self-esteem
wso14578482010-02-23 06:13:14 +0000 #2
You are a long time because you do not exercise, and Meng coming to look at who is also can not stand, and exercise, slow month for that kind of enthusiasm all right, ah, exercise requirements step by step, slowly if we continue on the lines of, ah, not too much traffic, a full-line of sweat on the ah, and later to your heads I think it is not so much as long as the cold grasp on the line, ah, it may develop late ah, I is also almost as big as you are, ah, now I am 23, and height 178 can be, ah, again I have been a two soldiers, it is not a person affected by exercise, and I still rural people and had a hard labor ah, little relationship ah. . . . . . .
Zhangzhou know that young people2010-02-23 06:17:33 +0000 #3
1. Eating fat will not move, so the diet must be controlled, otherwise no amount of exercise no use!

2. After exercise, muscle pain, generally may be that you did not do pre-exercise warm-up exercises, or a radical movement due to start! So I suggest you to be a 10 minutes pre-exercise warm-up exercise, again to be a progressive movement, but also to sustain long-lasting! Do not interrupt!

3. Fossa fixed at home, will eat only fat!

4. Avenue for sharpening is not necessarily sub-President! But also with the nutrient supplement Caixing! Otherwise, easy to get counter-Oh!

First wish you a successful weight loss!加油!



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