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For a long time do not exercise, playing badminton and sore buttocks after nursing a sore arm, ?

qqEllaChen2010-02-23 13:10:52 +0000 #1
edision Shen2010-02-23 13:13:36 +0000 #2
aches and pains are due to lactic acid accumulation, pay attention to rest on the list. Deposited hot towel can also be used to speed up decomposition
Mofei 20102010-02-23 13:57:19 +0000 #3
"Mayo Medical News", the sports medicine experts say should be taken to ease muscle soreness the first cold after hot compress method.

To alleviate the result of sprains and strains caused by muscle pain, the first step should be in the first few days, every 4-6 hours to conduct a cold compress on the painful parts of each insist on 20 minutes. This enables the muscles from over-relaxed state of tension, so as to achieve the purpose of pain relief. The tool can be carried out cold ice packs, it can be a bag of frozen vegetables.

In the cold it is best to use dry towel or clothing to wrap the ice pack to avoid frostbite the skin.

After two or three days after the cold, muscle tension and ease pain can be greater, when it should take timely heat therapy, so that the complete elimination of muscle soreness feeling.

Heat therapy is best able to do 1 day 3 times, each time for 20 minutes. A range of hot compress treatment, you can use a small bottle of water, a hot towel directly deposited in the pain area, you can also take heat lamp, bubble bath or hot shower approach.

The way to avoid muscle soreness:

* muscle stretching exercises (in a static way).

* Incremental principles: the principle of muscle overload makes the muscles hurt so easily to meet the incremental principle of gradually improve the muscle training

the quality and quantity in order to effectively prevent injury.

* The appropriate vitamin supplements, C, and further analysis confirmed that the only needed.



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