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Police fitness test 4 how to upgrade.

yale19972010-02-23 19:10:44 +0000 #1
I would like to test the police, the need for physical testing.

I am weight, height 181 status of the project's requirements 81

10 * 4 12 〃 2 is probably more than 11 seconds is no problem

1000m 4'05 〃 about 3 minutes and 50 standing long jump is no problem

2.2 meters around the problem I was 2 meters more Large

chin-up 10 I was a big problem

3 a month is necessary to test again, very anxious. Do not know know the professionals in this area can give guidance. Just tell me how the training should be enough. Copy brothers and sisters on the Province Bar! Thanks!

Scores of small, little mind.
introverted and strengthen our foundation2010-02-23 19:15:27 +0000 #2
standing long jump or sprint, you can doing the squat to enhance leg strength, standing long jump in finding that the skills of knowledge Kanxia. can make up for some.

pull-up technique is that it The main hair muscular strength, which made a major force is the latissimus dorsi muscle and arm, if you arm strength through a narrow grip, then can be used, if you back a large force can be used if a wide grip, narrow grip, but whether or Wide grip must be made from the arm and latissimus dorsi muscle strength, but which force Japan to use more of this you can according to their ability to find their own advantages, but to enhance the training of these two muscle groups is necessary, you can use dumbbells to strengthen his arm strength, you can also find friends when you do chin-up care to help cook training, daily sub-45 team finished 30-40. each be exhausted, do not call up a friend aid training should be.

Finally I wish you a test.



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