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Some of the issues on the fitness muscle

long9tianze2010-02-24 18:11:23 +0000 #1
early 20s ... today I am tall and less than 185 points. Weight over 160 points, before the fitness-off. A good sport, has been playing soccer, basketball or something, swimming or something. Physically fairly strong over themselves so that

1, Movement, my favorite fitness, fitness did not because of time, no way, was still a student .. Oh, and now want to go .. but the first one to ask a few questions

. I do not want to become like a Kool Man Fitness. Carter, Shi Wa Xinde that .... although I have not practiced the kind of ... after all, not quite the same race, but I also believe that efforts can be taken, But I do not like what kind of shape. build, not muscle, please listen to understand

I had a gym, there is personal, 170 .. 168 is not even about a male body weight than I mass, muscle good. .. but it is just awful .. like a little toad ... there is a 180, and I nearly as high, but the muscles, small non-point .. and posted a plaster on the same

I like the kind of people swimming muscles, not be an exaggeration, but regardless of wear do not wear clothes, can clearly feel the muscle, strong, wide shoulders ... like "living hell for Ong Bak 2" where the men on the 2nd ... I do not like muscles, like a good line particularly evident in fat .. or nothing, just like when the race, I want to point fat of .. Oh, rounded point ... Furthermore. can not be like the same kind of small non-points, such as the kind of Bruce Lee muscle .. although his muscles are good, but I think it does not look good, or thin, can not be too exaggerated. like a toad, nausea,

said to say I hope you give me some suggestions .. I have 185 people, weight training how much, almost required to achieve what I want

PS ... fitness must eat protein powder? I eat much, I think it is unnecessary, and I do not want to rely on drugs to train the muscles, I heard that kind of muscle is dead, look ...

better. brother no points, sorry. Zhijiao requested under the master ..

Finally, would like to know, the protein powder there is anything wrong with the usefulness ... because I really do not want to eat

gilnahm2010-02-24 18:14:48 +0000 #2
protein must be added since the campaign began 10 minutes before the body is water discharged to 10 minutes after the discharge of salt to 20 minutes after the discharge is the protein of

if you do not carry out a scientific movement will lead to endocrine disorders

protein powder can not eat, but more than usual intake of some proteins, (which can Sibu)

Internet search a nutritional table

to find out what foods high protein
Rail Rail child left2010-02-24 18:48:50 +0000 #3
muscles there are several muscles fit and there is practical it is up to you want to see what the strategy



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