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What fitness certificate, how to test, how long the money?

onepiece19762010-02-26 08:10:34 +0000 #1

Fitness faction2010-02-26 08:16:46 +0000 #2
First of all you have to clear the nature of your coach, there are two, one is a private coach there is a coach instructors (aerobics class coach). Two are not the same.

Personal trainer is to have a professional fitness knowledge

personal trainer include:

a "campaign Anatomy" and "Sports Biomechanics" This is a basic foundation.

2 physical fitness knowledge, medicine, nutrition and sports injuries.

3 Exercise and health; exercise load factor; the basis of anatomy and biomechanics, equipment use,. 4 Movement anatomy and biomechanics; equipment to use.

5 exercise physiology, exercise biochemistry and sports nutrition; sports training guide, the amount of anti-resistance training plans.

6 stretching flexibility in training methods; endurance training program development, equipment to use.

7 physical fitness assessment and testing; the exercise prescription for special populations.

8 curriculum and practice of summary; practical problems; basic first-aid knowledge; personal trainer industry to introduce and Self-recommendation techniques.

9 Theory and Practice of proficiency examinations.

Aerobic instructor training, including, aerobics, aerobic pedal, Pilates, personal trainers (beginning, middle and high).

Optional items: Hip-hop aerobics, aerobics jazz, Latin aerobics, aerobic kickboxing, comprehensive training, belly dance, yoga, aerobics bicycle

You go through a professional coach training institutions, to learn the most basic knowledge. By training institutions to help you register for the examination. .

I was out of Liu Yong coach training institute. Now test the card - and also arranged for a job. Truly useful if you want to learn professional knowledge, I suggest you look at Yong - (the national bodybuilding champion two circles -)



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