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To do push-ups

Q penetration2010-02-26 13:10:09 +0000 #1
I want to do push-ups】 【【chest】 Will train several groups to do better each day, a few more each day how much longer the time interval How often should I have to do better when there is a practical experience in the best

I am a man of relatively thin

detail certainly a good thing, but nonsense, or partial title of my entire not a good additional 100 points
hum is very simple2010-02-26 13:25:03 +0000 #2
word persist. Do push-ups to achieve their own strength can not. Obviously, I usually do chest 60 to sleep
zhkk8808282010-02-26 13:41:45 +0000 #3
is the practice of the pectoral how can I say do not know if you are male!

Early in the evening once a strength of each set ourselves every day to do the best that night, stick to the focus-point try to make their own crazy tired! Exhausted! This is also advantageous to have sleep is conducive to future future battles!

Man, to our own ruthless 1:00 Do not think of a gradual want is leaps and bounds



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