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China's National Fitness Program in the "121" to start the project specific requirements of what is

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Fukuda Show feather2010-02-26 15:24:15 +0000 #2
① advocate universal accomplish the following: more than once per day per person to participate in physical fitness activities, and learn two or more sports fitness method, each person would carry out a physical measurement.

② promoting the family to do: every family has one or more physical fitness equipment, carried out every quarter for more than two outdoor sports family, every family to have a (copies) of the above sports, fitness, newspapers or books.

③ advocacy community to do: Provide a place for more than physical fitness activities are organized each year the second community-wide physical fitness activities, establish a social sports instructor teams.

④ emphasizes that schools do: to ensure that students attend one hour a day sports activities are organized each year students to engage in secondary hiking, camping each year to conduct a medical examination for students.



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