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18,388,1382010-02-27 02:11:26 +0000 #1
problems one: I am a student, this year's 22-year-old body weight of about 160 every year on the rise. Did not go off. I am afraid slowly fatter, my time in school almost no movement, all day long to learn, and only when every night to run 2,000 meters at the playground. It is holiday time, a friend of mine recommended I go to fitness, but I Opening March 1, to fitness, then, can only start from tomorrow to March 1 time for more than a month useful Mody? Heard of fitness after the Games, if you do not rebound, then I continue to adhere to school after the rebound will be running every night, Mody? Fitness month, I could go point Mody weight?

Question 2: I run a student card, 200 quick money from now to March 1 Mody right? Expensive or affordable?
motor locked2010-02-27 02:18:07 +0000 #2
issue 1: 180CM --- 80KG can not say that fat

if you do go to fitness fitness cards a month's time, then I suggest that you coach at the gym to learn some basic theoretical knowledge and against individual's body shape the way because, after all you are a novice mistakes in order not to exercise the basic knowledge you should have a concept of mind

question 2: For the price of the gym of the gym with the hardware and software configuration, steep, corporate reputation, equate staffing, the most critical is the effectiveness and reputation.

Question 3: And then a few months after returning to school can be their own practice aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise anaerobic exercise combined

----- You can do push-ups every day in the bedroom, and sit-ups

a aerobic exercise ----- like you've run the same

2000 meters per day but can not persist over everything haste, less speed you will insist on a period of time to see the effectiveness of efforts of refueling wish you every success
steel shells R2010-02-27 02:39:47 +0000 #3
Running enough you do not have the time nor the energy to health bar



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