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What to do exercise to lose weight, but may not increase muscle

bullish bus station2010-02-27 10:10:48 +0000 #1
I do not want to lose weight, but I would like to exercise out of muscles, sit-ups. Push-ups right? How many time do? Please make it clear that
Dream Adventures of more than priority Sri Lanka2010-02-27 10:21:32 +0000 #2
Hello, on the choice of sports for sports in general can choose medium or fast tempo, stipulating uniform distance running (1500 -- 3000m), tennis, badminton, aerobics, sports and dance, are relatively ideal.

On the exercise intensity is concerned, is more suitable for moderate intensity. Because the use of moderate-intensity exercise, from the point of view of energy metabolism, can promote the body fat into free fatty acids into the blood, as the consumption of energy in the movement have not been out of the free fatty acid synthesis is no longer fat. At the same time, moderate-intensity exercise does not increase the appetite, which can prevent exercise-induced intake of more energy, increased fat accumulation in the body of the deposit. How to moderate-intensity exercise intensity control in these areas? Can often be measured by heart rate to control, here to introduce people of different ages, including heart rate control of equal strength :20-39-year-old :125-135 beats / min; 40-49 :115-130 beats / min; 50-59 :110-125 beats / min; 60 years old :110-120 beats / min.
Pass by JJ2010-02-27 10:40:21 +0000 #3
sit-ups. Push-ups add up to 100 for each row 2 3 times a day, to do the standard, as well as nutrition to keep up



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