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Ask a fitness program to lose weight

lohk00000012010-02-28 03:10:22 +0000 #1
I am a male, height 170, but there weight 85KG, so think of the gym to do exercise to lose weight, consult a comprehensive body of a detailed and specific weight-loss program. Thank you !!!!
lfpisdk2010-02-28 03:13:06 +0000 #2
In addition to aerobics or aerobics, running, spinning, and so on. . Persist for at least 50 minutes a day to 70 minutes. . . Continuous

L-carnitine before exercise with the class to eat to lose weight should be (do not know can ask the next gym coach

In addition to meal snacks should not eat. . To reduce food intake, but not too small, otherwise there would be no energy movement, the body will trigger the protection mechanism to reduce energy consumption, so as not conducive to weight loss of
. . A reasonable diet + aerobic exercise + perseverance = weight loss success. . . Remember to adhere to! ! Do not gluttonous, to live in starvation resistance of



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