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How to train grip strength?

Ice Hawks on St.2010-02-28 06:11:33 +0000 #1
I now how to train grip strength was 25 ah?
large bretschneideri 0012010-02-28 06:23:44 +0000 #2
The easiest way is to buy a smaller grip, idle time can show you and group exercises, hands and so do the number of exchange practice, reaches a sour feeling for arm hands, both hands are done after a few minutes after the break to continue to practice, practice, together with other body parts, so a good effect, the hope of effectively wish you every success Ha!
ws87342010-02-28 06:41:27 +0000 #3
Buy a grip! 50 yuan less than the done!
onepiece19762010-02-28 06:58:28 +0000 #4
1, grip strength training methods

grip strength reflects the human forearm and hand muscle strength, muscle strength is one aspect of the body. Grip force, explains the ability to work in the wrist fine strong, while the activities of the body also play an important role. For example, people carry, take, pull, pull, twist, moving and other activities, if a strong grip to complete these activities smoothly. Therefore, experts believe that physical fitness, grip strength reflects the ability of human existence and activities of an important aspect.

Grip size by three factors: First, in the isotonic contraction of flexor muscles generate force when called dynamic grip strength, grip strength is the size of the deciding factor. Second, isometric flexor muscle force generated, called static nature of muscle strength. It through force, so that the fingers to maintain a certain posture, the small muscle groups have maintained together. Third, the right grip posture, it moves those who play a gripping confrontation, collaboration and fixed the role of the small hand muscles play a coordinating role.

Enhanced grip strength method: enhanced grip strength exercises can be started from the shoulder, from top to bottom focus on three aspects; through the upper arm curl exercise biceps arms; through a variety of elbow flexion and extension wrist movements exercise forearm flexor, flexor muscles; by wrist flexion and extension movements to strengthen the hand muscles synergies resistance capability. Practice tools are available, barbells, dumbbells or other heavy objects.



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