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Sun City Sports Center, Tianjin 10000 Tudor Village Fitness Club (Sun City store).

___ Much2010-02-28 08:10:15 +0000 #1
Is this a specific price on store cards? Year Card? Inside the equipment Xinjiuchengduo? Popularity?

There are coaches like tender Mody, not invited to teach themselves, then private coach will be very responsible?

I am a person to no one will help protect the poor

private teaching and more money?
Angels の golden kiss2010-02-28 08:23:23 +0000 #2
I am a member of it can also be 啦

Now the price is like 499 a year to discuss the

But it is they might gift your January-February Bar

You can to consult about

In addition, I think as long as you are not particularly fat, or particularly want to train a good stature within a short time, then

no need to invite the private education

because even the best private education have to have your co-ordination in order to achieve the desired effect

that The instruments are new for the recent popularity of

Well how can

winter and summer can not be other than

As the consultation you have to go there

As you said, a person to question

if you are an adult in this No problem

not to mention have to pinch myself and mud-like

Are we not in themselves Mody

main I do not know what is the purpose to go there

is weight loss or fitness, or training the muscles???

in general the private religion is 1000 Money 10 course

do not know the price of private teaching I have not asked how much

I also listen to our coach talked about a bike knows that there are instruments of

coach, what no, you can ask them to

I think that if only their training is necessary to ask each of the private education

unless you want to quickly train a good body type



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