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Seek expert help me develop a fitness program to lose weight!

ismelyk2010-02-28 12:10:48 +0000 #1
I 181.. 190 a little muscle weight, obesity. . . . Master plan to help develop the gym to lose weight! ! On-line and so on! ! !
Dream Adventures of more than priority Sri Lanka2010-02-28 12:25:39 +0000 #2
friends, lose weight Do not Like many others, when the mice could be, your body is something by one's parents 呀! To treat the parents to their own body! Your goal is absolutely no problem! ! But the weight loss should be a pleasant trip! Is not destroyed is not suffering. . . . I used to have fat, I consulted an old Chinese doctor gave me a diet prescription, six months later, I had dropped 106 pounds from 128 pounds, but not so much muscle and more solid fat and loose, although I weight However, more than 100 people looked very slim, while others have the same height and weight and I it looks fat, it was because she was physically weak. . . Now I put my weight loss methods and to share with you!

First of all, said many people are to lose weight a few errors:

(1) Do not use drugs to lose weight! Do not own when the mice, they are a great injury to the body organs, such weight loss is simply ruin one's own! Businesses in order to make you believe he will, of course exaggerate the product of the weight loss diet pills, but never say that their side effects, the general weight-loss drugs on the heart is bad, the liver injury of renal injury, so do not Chijianfeiyao Oh. (Warning!)

(2) Do not dream of doing it quickly, lose weight! Many people are not suited to the excessive physical exercise, such harm is also great, your body organs can not accept such violence, it will definitely rebound.

(3) Do not exceed the load of their own bodies to exercise hard to lose weight, this may make the body organ failure! And enormous harm.

(4) Do not diet! ! This would go wrong spleen and stomach, especially after exercise, a lot of people do not eat dinner, no nutritional supplement can cause stagnation of the body's metabolism slows, the body is not dirty, nutrition will be a strike and can not emit toxins! ! And I think a diet of the spirit of the people is very painful, although I have not tried.

The above four methods of harm to both boys and girls are great, do not use, if the girls even greater damage, skin health any worse not say, some people lose weight reduction that even that did not come! ! (Physical handicap)

the right weight loss methods should be:

1, three meals a day diet:

★ First of all, the doctor told me that ----- Do not eat cold fruit and food! Why? Body fat people are generally cold body and blood circulation and metabolism is very slow, usually a lot of people like to eat apples and bananas, does not know that they are cold fruit! ! Especially the banana is the Big Chill's! ! These cold food will only make your body cold dampness increase the blood circulation more slowly. . . Metabolism is also slow. . . To exclude the body toxins also slow. . . So how can we do to lose weight? What food is cold it? Your own access to the Internet search, like a lot of people like to eat to lose weight what are the Big Chill bitter cucumber! ! Eating is not only not possible to reduce further harm to himself and let your body is getting worse!

(My friend, you can look at your fingernails on a few white crescent, with an area not so big, that we can see that your physique is not cold, this is also told me that TCM)

★ Then, we have to select those both a rapid increase in blood they will not produce fat on the food, that is, spleen nourishing food. Why? You will ask me: I have fat in Jesus, and you let me eat those fattening things? Friends, in fact, the root causes of obesity, the body in a nutritional imbalance, lack of qi and blood, blood running encountered a problem and lack of righteousness! Eat These are the gas-fill in order to rectify qi and blood, so that your body organs functioning together to gradually eliminate fat! Human body itself is very wise, and it knows to deal with physical problems! ! You have to believe!

What do specifically? Yams, barley, Gorgon fruit, this three nourishing spleen is the commanding general, quite a lot. There are beef, lamb, prawns, fish, eggs can enjoy.!

★ third. In addition to not eat cold, but also careful not to blow more air-conditioning and fans, (especially the front of his blowing) which would allow cold dampness of the air invade the body, increase the cold dampness, blood circulation slows. . . There! ! Things are Popsicle iced soft drinks and the like will be terminated! ! They are also cold things, bodily harm. . . . Do you have this?

★ Fourthly, I would like to recommend: the doctor gave me three therapeutic side:

1 Black rice porridge jujube (Ao very bad) --- Breakfast! Can Dabu blood, but to adhere to!

2 loach fry pepper ----- role in the blood very well, I know, my grandmother always made this dish a child to me to eat, eat very few grow up, and now the doctor told me that I remembered the .

3 4 Wu-Tang ------ If this is a woman, the doctor said that this must adhere to the drink, big S, and many artists of the weight-loss beauty prescription 呀! I later learned, the men drink is also very good! But for women it is more special meaning, we must uphold a lifetime! When to drink? After a month of holidays with clean drinking four or five days, one day sooner or later each time. What effect? Blood blood circulation! I am now insist on drinking, drug stores have sold, but also very cheap, you can add your own favorite red dates longan like! !

2, starvation response

in the sense of hunger and weakness, when not to use sugar to solve the problem, do not see what chips these unhealthy fat snacks! ! ! Because the body needs is blood at this time, instead of sugar and fat. Usually the staple food is synonymous with sugar, we must be careful. At this time to eat supplement qi and blood of the longan, red dates, fruit, beef, nuts, etc., than eating of food on the body much better!

3 a day, regular exercise, moderation, I feel tired, do not exercise too long, the campaign must not end a diet! On the contrary, we should eat more nutritious vegetables and meat! This blood and qi, so to lose weight faster! (Many people may not believe)

4, massage beat

Remember that every day in the evening after beating the legs of the bile, (you can see the "human Manual" a detailed method) that can emit toxins the body metabolism, speed up the metabolism! Pairs of weight loss a lot of good! If you have thick thighs even have to knock over!

Also: the doctor recommended I use moxa health, smoked three times every week or so, smoked Guanyuan and other parts of the full three years. . . . The specific advice I can. . . Works well, feeling a lot of skin is also changed for the better, the doctor told me that the natural smooth skin and good blood! (Moxa is very cheap, large pharmacies have bought themselves a person can smoke a)

Fifth, there are effective ways to lose weight

follow suit, relaxed and happy, taboos, the body's blood will gradually increase, the energy the body will quickly growth. In the early to lose weight, your weight will not reduce the number and usually a slight increase. looked at weight gain of the pointer, you need not despair, because it is higher muscle density is the weight of qi and blood. while outsiders look but you look thinner, when you feel is the meat of the body strong, and strength increased, should congratulate himself a slightly! (*^__^*)

Weight loss process on obesity friends, is like a breakthrough in the chrysalis, is an innovation, brand new experience. In this I wish you a successful weight loss, but also look forward to everyone from embark on their journey in life lightly armed happy. I also hope your friends lose weight suffer less hardship on the road less and less detours! !
A bottle of Blue Erguotou2010-02-28 12:28:45 +0000 #3
1. Every time jogging half an hour. Have been sweating as the benchmark. Only in this way in the body fat will be mobilized into the combustion state.

2. The necessary stretching exercises. Chest, waist rotation, arm circling, knee, ankle.

3. The use of the building room, exercise equipment lower limbs. To do some stretching exercises tread strength after the first light-weight, pay attention to experience is that the thigh in the hair strength, rather than feet.

4. Leg exercises you can do some toes, that is, to mention heel, this will help in shaping leg. Every time 30, to slow, let the muscles stretch full sense.

Next, practice kicks and rear side-kicks, mainly to enhance the legs. Upper body must be upright. Kick-point range as large, to relax. 3,4

done after the appropriate tension to be issued under the power of just the muscles, so that they do not always in a contraction.

5. Lumbar abdominal muscles. Sit-ups, do a half sit-ups, that is, lie down, but the shoulders do not touch the ground, suspended! ! Lying down, feeling the muscles tense up a little pause on. And then continue. Each of 10 to do 4 groups. If appropriate it in their hands small dumbbells, do swivel, to exercise both sides of the waist.

6. A small dumbbell to do chest. Can you complete control over the use of a small dumbbell to practice chest. Opened as much as possible, each 15,4 group. Then, still using dumbbells, do pre-move, two arms should be flat, dumbbell as far as possible near point. This can better stimulate the chest muscles. So that curve more pronounced. 10 group 4 to 7. At this time, the activities of the body is basically up. Best to slowly ran 10 minutes, let the body relax, and then that is stretching, relaxation, massage the muscles of today's practice.

Moves it, you can mimic some yoga movements, stretch to meet the breathing.

Above, these exercises should pay attention to breathing, not ruthless hair force, to be generous nature, physical and psychological effects of pleasure that we go! ! Body weight should first see, first curve to see straight, because it is slowly changing.

Actually, the outdoors aerobic running 3 to 4 times a week, doing stretching, note that a reasonable diet and living habits, body weight before the summer is absolutely could have greatly reduced, possibly to buy clothes really want to re - !

Personal advice, do more aerobic running. To learn a few yoga stretching and breathing exercises,

I wish health, Italy 2010's liking Shun
Yang mm11112010-02-28 12:20:13 +0000 #4
about weight loss thing, I think it is really hard to describe! Is not a sentence or two can be explained clearly!

I have personal experience and expertise to lose weight posted to my room inside, mm empty you can come take a look oh.

Access to space approach is: Use the mouse on my name at stop for a while, when prompted me space inside the box and click the article update,

hope that my experience and insights to give you point of inspiration.
Verchiel_Aee2010-02-28 13:00:37 +0000 #5
recommendations: Aerobic Exercise: Exercise heart and lung function, reduce fat, increase endurance.

1, dynamic cycling: the atmosphere was good, strength, fatigue, big, good effect.

2, aerobics: the atmosphere was good, strength, the fatigue, the effect of.

3, running machine: atmosphere, the strength, the fatigue, the effect of.

4, Yoga: the atmosphere was good, strength, the fatigue, the effect of.

Choose any one of the movement 45-60 minutes. Abdominal Fat Reduction Movement can do sit-ups after the 2-3 groups of 25 or more. Reduce fat chest who do several sets of push-ups after exercise, or bench press barbell or a combination of devices such as Breast folders chest movements can be. A total amount of exercise time should not exceed 90 minutes.

Reduce fat person should pay attention to eating problems, sports increase the appetite, in addition to the normal diet, when hungry, eat fruits, vegetables and fill their stomachs, such as apples, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on.



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