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KJJ small _ ting2010-03-01 04:10:03 +0000 #1
You coach better! I am a third year graduate about girls, and now 168 centimeters tall, 145 pounds, I organized a fitness gym card for two months or so, I hope that within two months to achieve the maximum effect of weight loss. The gym Spinning practice every day, but there will be fighting the next day about half an hour of fighting instructor to practice. I always feel as if I shank some hard, will not be the calf muscles are too many reasons? I belong to the body fat rather than the type of partial fat, then I do exercises to achieve the best Fat Reduction shaping effect? The best for me to prepare a schedule, Thank you!
mustard Hong ai ╰ trample trample2010-03-01 04:24:49 +0000 #2
Running a simple and effective
875,506,7812010-03-01 04:47:09 +0000 #3
eating Point
Pro no land2010-03-01 05:29:53 +0000 #4
you always felt that some arbitrarily because of leg muscle fatigue reasons, to know ice three feet thick in a day Han, consistently believe that you will achieve the intended purpose.

Dynamic cycling exercise has been part of the body movement, and in accordance with the arrangements for coaches do not go solo practice, often to communicate with the coaches.
ooaalove2010-03-01 04:59:10 +0000 #5
you belong to moderately obese, first of all mentality should be placed correctly to lose weight to science and reduce fat, so I hope you put a minimum on time of 3 months or 4 months, so you will not be in the sports mentality among the impatient, has a kind of peaceful positive state of mind to adhere to Dietary Fat Reduction

a person's body fat content of less than 10 when the abdominal muscles will see very clearly that a measurement point, the majority of the boys in the gym would be so dry, you do not have to deliberately pursue this value, you be concerned only with the number of body weight.

Aerobic exercise is the only health through reduced fat, then the difference between girls and boys is

a boy to do aerobic exercise needs to be done before that is anaerobic exercise equipment, finished to do aerobic exercise after , half-way to prevent the BCAA supplement to maximize muscle loss

girls do not care about muscle loss, so you do not need exercise equipment, you direct aerobic exercise

So what aerobic exercise: running swimming cycling skipping, etc. ... ...

If you're at the gym I would suggest that treadmill, because you can control your PAE (exercise intensity)

Why do we say PAE (exercise intensity) If you are just jogging will not burn fat, only exercise your heart and lung function and endurance .

Who still PAE is 0 when you are walking up the stairs is a 1-3 anaerobic exercise (equipment) is 10

So your aerobic exercise intensity is 8

that is, treadmill figures 8-10

30 minutes intensity of 8 running, so you can be adapted to the varied pace, is that you run the first 10 minutes with 8 to 10 and then accelerated to run 5 minutes at slow accelerating. This is a varied pace is very useful -!

Available in the market there are some weight loss supplements is of U.S. origin with L-carnitine Blazing Angels

this is in the running to eat before, you obviously do not feel running back when tired, and sweat will flow more than double the usual, of course, response to each person is different. You can specifically look at Blazing Angels on the Internet with L-carnitine works.

Last but is also very important is your diet

firm can not eat high-calorie high-fat items, snacks and resolutely do not eat, you usually want to control the oil and salt, which is often said, eat a light taste

you want to eat high-fiber high-protein food: egg white fruits and vegetables to eat a little meat (pork can not eat, fat, high. eating beef, or chicken breast meat and fat content is very low) skim or low-fat milk

I A friend of mine using this method a month lost 20 pounds of fat

movement can change your everything - fuel bar beauty!
clcbb2010-03-01 04:35:51 +0000 #6
Exercise and diet combined running time must be jogging or cycling in 30 minutes and most important thing is to persist for two months too short! Older sister like you minus one can be a

20 or so running and cycling as long as you can not do nothing of other eat snacks!
oo53532010-03-01 04:33:32 +0000 #7
haste, less speed, normal, healthy weight loss cycle is a phase of 3 months.



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