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jyqz78243752010-03-03 04:11:37 +0000 #1
I insist on doing push-ups every day for five days in 1000 has always insisted would like to ask if and when to do so could really figure out good practice
fate enough2010-03-03 04:22:11 +0000 #2
little full, without the gym.'s Army training Muscle: 1-side abdomen. lie sat on a bench, Shuangshoubaotou, two toes feet close together and straight, tilt the head and feet with the bench flat into a 30-degree angle, when you can end of five minutes, your abdominal muscles be even more marked than soda crackers. Maybe you insist on less than 20 seconds start, but gradually you will be extended. 2 biceps. will be higher than the shoulders dumbbell that you can, do not care how many of each do arm muscles until limp. 3 pectoral muscles. so internal organs leaning rest, posture must be standard, buttocks not Alice, to the same level with the back, can insist on 60 per day, with charming chest tall and straight posture is not a dream. Movement is valuable persist.



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