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How thin waist of the most effective male and the fastest I

Who I remember the day2010-03-03 08:11:04 +0000 #1
how thin waist and stomach the fastest most effective. I recently found that waist circumference of 23 jumped to drink beer is estimated to slim down. There are also the point of the stomach by drum how it should be, sit-ups Mody? ? Which Big Brother help out how best to get the fastest results.
123hef2010-03-03 08:26:36 +0000 #2
How to thin waist:

★ lying lower my eyes:

lying down, his hands flat on both sides, the knee was 90 degrees. Aspirate and pull the knee to the right shoulder, reply, and then pull to the right shoulder, repeat 10 times.

★ scoliosis lower my eyes:

lying down, his hands flat on both sides, the knee was 90 degrees. The power of using your feet to the right side pressed to the floor 15 cm, exhaled, reply, and then inhale, Wang Zuoce pressure. Repeat each side 10 times.

★ four steps to turn Waist Movement:

lying down, knees bent feet touch the ground, fingers on the ear; sit-ups after the upper body turned to left (at the moment blow off steam, shoulders relaxed), and then back to the front, slowly lie down. The right action is the same, each repeated 10 times.

Specific details may consult Hefei Beauty Medical Beauty Center
lycliusidou2010-03-03 08:33:34 +0000 #3
I am a woman en men and women the same way as thin waist Hehe you can do sit-ups, or Shen Yao, bending, kicking, or practicing yoga posture online there are many pictures you have because I can learn what words to say any more that you may not understand it shining on the posture of those who lose weight picture a few minutes to practice every day is like the desire to help you pull Hei hei



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