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I ask you, how to enhance the coordination of the body's capacity? 14-year-old, waist strength, uppe

edsfhj2010-03-03 21:11:08 +0000 #1
Strength, jumping, waist sufficient abdominal area, is there a better way to increase coordination?
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-03-03 21:22:43 +0000 #2
hello - I'll tell you ha


Remember to train more than other is his own mind must maintain the best condition

playing basketball to keep the mentality that is Do not think they will make mistakes will be bad

full open their bodies to express themselves feel that this is the time to express themselves the value of

(in fact, is his own greatest enemy, to hold his fear mentality,)

I'll to explain to you step by step

First, I first explain the coordination and harmonization of methods and practice techniques first-come, video


http: / / =. html

practice coordination site did not poison excellent cool -

Here to talk about coordination -

co-ordinated the various stages of the production process to make all links In the variety, quantity, schedule, and input-output and other aspects of coordination and cooperation, closely co-ordinated.

Coordination (coordination) refers to the body muscles of the role of the timing (timing) is correct, movement direction and speed appropriate balance between stable and that there are rhythmic. Among the various physical, the coordination of training can be said that the most difficult, because in addition affect the coordination of genetic, psychological personality athletes, there are muscle strength and muscular endurance, technical movement skillful degrees, the relationship between speed and speed endurance, the body center of gravity balance (the relationship between muscular strength and endurance), rhythmic movements (technical movements to be proficient before), muscle relaxation and contraction, and even soft, and so on.

Coordinated training method probably has the following nine kinds of tools: 1, are not accustomed to movements of a variety of physical exercise; 2, reverse the completion of movement; 3, change the speed and rhythm have become accustomed to move; 4, to games and the complex movements; 5 require the completion of a creative movement to change the way; 6, picking are not used to combined action, bringing the practice to master more complex movements; 7 to change the spatial extent of movement; 8, use of the equipment or the natural environment to do a variety of more complex exercises; 9, timely with the signal or conditional stimulus for the athletes to do to change the movement of a variety of exercises.

Coordinated training method of the frequency of the more grass-roots level should be higher, of course, if it is two meters long of people, movements not coordinated, but also a high frequency. In the preparatory phase of the frequency per week to two to three times better, at least 10 action items, each movement exercises for at least three to five times.

Coordination of arrangements for training prescription, because it is a kind of intensive training, so in preparation and the training period, must lay a solid foundation, in the adjustment period with the game, there is no specific co-ordination of training. Arrangements in the prescription can be based on the above training method listed 20 projects, plus another series of projects to operations manager. Intensity 70%, the frequency to three times a week.

Practice bouncing way! ! I also tell you

this is the most complete, if you feel that you can practice too much the amount of reduction to practice every day when the

key to stimulate the muscles feel even if the daily practice in place

Let me talk about practicing under the attention of

willpower to keep the spirit of desire must be the best state

to practice every day they have to say to yourself when you will be able to successfully

Most people practice the range of 1 week

1 week after they desire without willpower willpower would be to give up

so this thing is so hard every day said to himself, will succeed

practice even when the goal should be accurate and should practice today at busy times

was trained in order to feel under no determination of the the future of how I accomplished here can not give up

is a battle to overcome the psychological adjustment

I'll give you ways to sell some


bounce, but definitely practical training methods, more practical:

the first one -!

First of all you have to master the jump method, when you dance with the toes hair force, remember to take off the moment abdomen (this may be the beginning a bit difficult, but for a long time will naturally be of the abdomen), bring up the whole body, in particular, hands, jumping up when the hands are too forced! take-off Respiratory breathing when, after landing breath! refueling exercise bar, in addition to focus on practicing jumping, basketball, but also pay attention to practice!

followed by a big jump training methods other than those other, more practice you have to fine Aberdeen focus on:

1, power, this practice you can sprint 100 meters, so have a good calf muscles so explosive, a lot practice and from 100 meters or 50 meters sprint bar.

2, usually more than skipping a day, hundreds of thousands of sub-total hop. In this way, can reduce the fat, and increase the leg muscles to enhance sexual drive.

3,, step by step according to the training courses, the Department must will succeed and I believe that yourself, and strive to pay a return there will be surprises!!!

The key is to practice exercises leg muscles (thigh, calf), and the explosive leg ...

Oh, and then add one point , you squat, put his hands behind, and then skip steps, just started jumping a 2. and then slowly add up, and so well trained in their own feelings, and jumped on their feet and hands like a natural place ... can also be ... there is to be practiced long jump, standing long jump and red running long jump, these details are the key to determine your jumping ability ah!!!

There is also a practice bounce -!

The second is the most full of tired of this person, I practice is this

I had also made to directly give you a detailed address very effective practice jumping absolutely no problem

I strongly suggest that you go to sell it under the

http : / /

There is another point, do the time point of Europe and the United States can be released into the song, a strong point: for example, LINKIN PARK, and can stimulate the body's potential.

Give you an ability to upgrade their skills with learning the fine video

is strongly recommended that you go to look at learning to learn

also my hair 呵呵

There is also a positive approach such as the heart suggests that the firm that they can be completed!

Living habits: In addition, daily exercise is very important:

empty multi-rope skipping, shuttle run, touch the basket like that.

Everyday life are the most taboo smoking, drinking all night, very good

another casualty loss is also a major stumbling block!

Diet: training, president of muscles, eat more protein food;

daily insistence milk, eggs, beans. Remember that eating plenty of vegetables is very important!

Perseverance: The last point would like to insist, remember not 3 days fishing, two days drying nets,

training, no matter how good, do not adhere to mean wasted effort, we would bar for six months as a unit.

Adhere to all of the above note for half a year old, to see how well their bounce changed!

Want to help you

I wish you an early and successful

One final point: study hard and seriously life, cherish the time, love people around! ! !
KINMOVSENR2010-03-03 21:36:59 +0000 #3
weightlifters coordination best, but the Well, a lot of people are prejudiced, affected or does not affect the height of the dispute, much controversy, some of the book said, no worries, some say emergency

Do you want other sports can practice Muay Thai , Integrated Fighting



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