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Depressed, I was reverse abdominal breathing, pretty fellow? Later I went to yoga teacher told me to

naughty little _ _ Devil2010-03-03 21:11:22 +0000 #1
loveangelsissi2010-03-03 21:21:54 +0000 #2
Hello, most people usually normal breathing is deep breathing Xiongshihuxi In addition to the general gas are relatively short-abdominal breathing is through the diaphragm The following film is Nita breathing but it is still slightly above a chest that is said inspiratory abdominal bulge then slowly bring the power of abdominal breathing the air squeezed out to the breathing Getting Started in a kind of yoga breathing it can make breathing become increasingly longer length the so-called air-lift blood gas often in good health and yoga is a self-cultivation in the tai chi with us also have similar points of * There are too many to elaborate on the breath but if it is uncomfortable when you feel that exercise can still breathe normally done in accordance with the general basis of our normal practice is necessary to 3 months breathing habits is not easy to change the purpose of yoga practice: Do not force the body circulation Advanced Practice
feelboby2010-03-03 21:52:31 +0000 #3
abdominal breathing is divided into two types: Reverse breathing Heshun breathing. Exercise should be cis-breathing, after reversible breathing, Bandha is necessary to use reverse breathing.



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