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Yoga-based tutorial for novice Recommended

ljhsk10082010-03-04 05:10:53 +0000 #1
want to own at home to learn some basic yoga postures to cultivate about flexibility, because it is a novice, there is no foundation, it requires some degree of difficulty a small yoga tutorial or video, whoever is there, it is most Good packaging made of my mailbox, thank 啦 O (∩ _ ∩) O

If you can not be packaged, a good video connection is also possible
indulge dancing2010-03-04 05:22:37 +0000 #2
right, Cymbidium do yoga is a good choice, it is recommended to download 啦, because the relatively large, its present use web Thunder Power donkeys can also be downloaded.

Let you Cymbidium yoga 40 good set of online links:

is the first recommendation to practice this version, not just the right time to practice, but also developed specifically for the Chinese people.

Second, You say you want stretched ligaments, I actually have this more troubled, my ligaments super-tight, feeling this good, targeted, time is not long, movements are simple: / programs/view/TGGJR0WLcHc /

If there are other parts of room for improvement, then this video are some exceptions, are co-concentrated, look for their own good.

Third, if you want yoga to improve symptoms of certain parts of the body, this video is true, can give you refer to the following:

En, there are people actually recommend yu beauty of yoga, but individual zero-based practice is not recommended, because a lot of yoga-based movements are not very good with the implementation of, if not determine, after practice, and sometimes the body may be strained. And the classic yoga breathing and relaxation of abdominal surgery are not very good interpretation, so if you want to shaping, it is proposed set of 40 yoga exercises Cymbidium exhausted, and then practice.
Ava Butterfly2010-03-04 05:35:44 +0000 #3

the good, Ock-hyun weight loss body sculpting yoga, net assessments are good, and relatively simple. Introduction of times I practice this, the difficulty and intensity are relatively small, the time is not very long, mainly because the results were pretty good.
shadowwind_yy2010-03-04 05:22:03 +0000 #4
Leave lz I recommend a video series of all time when he had just started to learn the very easy to follow practiced entry

have a suggestion if you want to correct practice please complete set of carefully listening to each inside of her tips and advice Do not rush to jump directly to the part

Cymbidium practice yoga, a total of three sets of primary

can be purchased online bookstore can also be down to

attention to the issues that are described in great detail lz

If you want the system to learn, you can download the Cymbidium yoga television set 40 to zero for the base learners can be downloaded here / 10/10/0000068940.html



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