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Quick exercise muscle program

kylijun74102010-03-04 09:10:42 +0000 #1
fitness I have 2 months I'm skinny but I want to train the muscles big points so please help out the schemes I go to the gym every day, I am now tall and weighing 63 kilograms has been out a little bit more than 170 muscles Thank you for the shape of the
囧 囧 the Daitou2010-03-04 09:15:32 +0000 #2
My upstairs decidedly contrary

a, high training volume

in biceps training, the group rarely reaches sufficient number. Afraid of hard training, often say, Fang biceps is a small part of each training session should not exceed 9 groups. In fact even if the group you can not do 20 "shock" it, but only in the "Nao Yangyang." An efficient shock training to do at least 20 groups, and this must be a formal group of 20 groups, each group had to be exhausted.

2, the super group training, training of law rules

super-group of the larger biceps particularly effective, it can stimulate more muscle fibers and create a better congestion. I have adopted training in each super-group training rules. Use of super-group training in law should pay attention to the following points.

1. Each exercise should not have done a super group, only the last two exercises each use. 2. Barbell curl not to use super-group training in law. Because this complex exercise requires strong and full of energy recovery. 3. In addition to the biceps, the biceps and not to other parts of the joint together to make a super group. Biceps and triceps function of the contrary, in turn training can ensure adequate recovery time. The final training exercise biceps triceps training with the first joint exercise to do a super group, just be able to transition to the three muscle training to go. 4. In the law of joint training with the Premier Division biceps and triceps, they should try to select the same level of force exercises, such as the inclined plane curl dumbbell dumbbell with arm flexion and extension, or seated alternate dumbbell curl and standing neck arm flexion and extension after the combination. 5. Can be used for super-group training exercises only dumbbell biceps curl, dumbbell curl inclined board, sitting barbell curl, and cable curl. In contrast, standing barbell curl too heavy, too light dumbbell concentration curl, and the machine curl is too isolated.

3, each group reaches reaches exhaustion

Each group should be exhausted, no matter how much weight or make use of the number of times, and only reaches exhaustion in order to ensure that the right biceps shocking to stimulate demand.

4, using a lower frequency of

which only 68 times those achieved within the scope of exhaustive training group. If more than 8 times each, then the subsidiary biceps muscle may be completely exhausted before the tired. If you can not do so six times, it indicates that the biceps muscle to replace the force in the subsidiary is not achieved by exhaustive.

5, often disrupted the training of the order of

assumed the greatest force should be assigned to most of the exercises, then the conclusion is that training should be based on each biceps barbell curl start. However, the human body has the amazing ability to adapt to the process is so subtle, so little aware of any subsidiary of the muscles has been secretly shared a lot of the work done by the biceps.

Through the different exercises for each start, subsidiary would have no chance to adapt to the muscles, biceps will be forced to do all the work. For example, if you are often inclined plate or dumbbell alternating dumbbell curl barbell curl curl instead start training, using weight reduction, but the training they would be more effective because all the work is still considering how the muscles in the subsidiary help done by the biceps alone.

6, side with the biceps and triceps muscle training

In addition to three things, not to any other part of the biceps along with the practice. If, as many bodybuilders as the biceps and chest with the training, due to chest training, consumes a lot of energy, even if you think that the foreman has already paid a 100% muscle, they receive only 80%. If you practice one part of a time, you will get a better effect of the shock of sexual stimulation.

7, dumbbell curl

dumbbell curl exercise biceps have become the ideal exercise, because they are usually alternately, allowing each arm to have more recovery time, so that you can use the training as large as possible重量.

Dumbbell concentration curl is an exception, this action is too isolated, and can not use heavy weight, making it difficult to be effective in increasing muscle mass action. I usually use it to warm up, like every time slowly curl into the palm up and make the peak contraction, this can produce a strong hyperemia. Biceps training with other exercises, like pyramid by using redo five groups, each 68 times, and this is an effective training moves, but I still do not put it included in formal training.

8, oblique plate curl

to ensure that training on each biceps curl is included ramp, this movement can provide other positions can not do a combination of leveraging and isolation. In the elbow was supported by the case, it is leveraging practice, but has also been supported by the shoulders, so it is an isolated exercise. I like to do it from two different angles ramp curl, when the mat to maintain tilt, my mat with the support, after pulling the body to produce more leverage; when the mat vertically, the arm straight down, the leverage reduction small, may be forced to do more isolated Biceps exercises.

Ramps should use one arm and curl dumbbell to do, or to use or the crank arms and the barbell barbell to do. Dumbbells allows you to grip the palm upward, or to curl straight to stimulate different areas of the biceps. Use of barbells, all the pressure is concentrated exerted on the biceps muscle belly.

9, barbell curl

in front of has said that the training may not super-group the use of the barbell curl. This does not mean never have this action, on the contrary, any increase in training biceps can not do without it, because there is no other way to promote animal fat biceps muscle and its subsidiaries to maximize growth. Each muscle group at least need a compound exercise.

My Biceps training rarely use a full barbell curl to do in the end, five group exercise, the first group to do an exhaustive eight times that, followed by four groups to do six times to exhaustion, each group are used as much as possible a large weight, do not deceive, but rather allow the biceps to do all the work. I have always been the biggest weight of the barbell curl 70% do not complete the action end of the barbell curl biceps training, which is anti-traditional approach, but every time after I Lianwan just going to explode as the biceps. In practice, sitting on stools so, and make sure not to hit a lever into the next leg. I close my eyes, continuously, until the can not maintain.

10, to maintain weight control

In order to curl to get the best results, in the extension phase of the action should be to maintain weight control in order to slow the speed of decentralization. Uncontrolled rapid decentralization not only reduces the training effect, but also increase the risk of injury biceps, and even lead to elbow muscle lumbar inflammation.

In the contraction phase of the ideas focused on the biceps, in the top of the peak to shrink. To make cut way to forget the weight of your move. If it feels good, then try to add some weight; if the party a sense of discomfort, you should appropriately reduce the weight until the weight of congestive heart give you the best. Do not wait for injury to teach you how to train properly.

A lot of bodybuilders are afraid other people saw him training with the weight of too light, please do not forget that we are not training for others, but for their own practice.

Ke Guan Please enjoy your meal
e community college2010-03-04 09:27:33 +0000 #3
I am now a fitness enthusiast, so you can see the intended point of reminding me:

You want the muscles need small to large weight slowly, but it consumes your body fat, Then you will become thin, in fact, you are not thin children as a bad thing, I have a friend and your fitness much the same, he is now practicing in a very sturdy, because I practiced with him every day, I'll talk about How did he practiced bar

1, first do not look at body weight, every day, adhere to in accordance with the continuous increase from small to large weight exercises. because it is thin when you start from practicing, so that the muscles must be very fine after excel at a very solid look good

Second, the concerns of your nutrition, that is, weight gain, eat more beef and vegetables a day, eggs, eggs can eat, but eat one day, yellow, the other yellow eat, you can feed small animals, eat a lot of the body cholesterol will be high, and it must be a reasonable and healthy fitness training and weight gain to ensure that the balance of animal and plant protein intake, does not like you usually eat dinner before, and every time you want to eat some of

3, to ensure adequate sleep, sleep pairs of weight gain and long muscles are the best way.

4, two days training once, not every day, training, exercises every day, would not achieve the effect of increasing muscle, because muscle is also a need to repair and rest, and take advantage of a good time to Fitness opportunity, orderly practice, according to their own plans and not go to see other people

first stop here, I hope you can understand, whether it is weight gain, or stronger, are based on your own situation in formulating a good workable fitness plan, repeat simple movements done on OK, and Guizaijianchi, support your friends, refueling bar ")



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