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Male 174-61KG, 1 Yue gym after school on the dumbbell, and would like to do exercise at 1 month late

mingzhonglv2010-03-04 13:10:47 +0000 #1
No fat, but the avatars can not feel full, lower body do not want to be too thick, just like physical muscles do not relax, he will have for the shape you want to look good, physical, need not be very well developed. I generally two days a second fitness workout, how to plan ah? A casual, the paste please own devices, do not entertain a waste of time with each other.
bundles Mr. 13142010-03-04 13:24:12 +0000 #2
1: Cardiopulmonary functional training program: (heart and lung function improvement is very favorable for increasing muscle)

2-3 times per week, every 30-60 minutes of heart rate control (220 - your of age) x80% or so

2: Strength Training Program Reference

A. jogging warm-up for 10 minutes

B. stretch target muscles (using the static stretching)

the first day of the legs of abdominal training: leg training is beneficial to the body muscle length

Sitting legs give Group 4 x10-12 times

Smith squat 4 sets x10-12 times

Leg give Group 4 x10-12 times

sit-ups 4 sets x15-20 times

inclined board sit-ups 4 sets x15 - 20

sit-ups swivel Group 4 x15-20 times (exercise abdominal oblique muscle movements)

hanging leg raises 4 sets x15-20 times

third day of chest shoulder training:

Horizontal barbell 4 sets x10-elect 12

Lying dumbbell elected Group 4 x10-12 times

Incline Dumbbell group elected four times

x10-12 ramp dumbbell-bird Group 4 x10-12 times

seated dumbbell-bird Group 4 x10-12 times

seated dumbbell - elect a Group 4 x10-12 times

standing position dumbbell-bird Group 4 x10-12 times

standing position Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 sets x10-12 times

Roman chair the fifth day of training, to come forward to back: Group 4 x10-12 times

T-type Rod Boat Group 4 x10-12 times

wide-grip chin-up Group 4 x10-12 times

squat dead lift 4 sets x10-10 times

anterior pull-down Group 4 x10-12 times

seventh day of the two, and 3 Training

seated alternate dumbbell curl 4 sets x10-12 times

one-arm dumbbell neck flexion and extension arm Group 4 x10-12 times

EZ bar barbell curl 4 sets x10-12 times
pxlintianfei2010-03-04 13:32:50 +0000 #3
do push-ups a day 50 Sit-ups 100 adhere to a month on the line. Dumbbell training to be careful ah

I just get arm Laocu present.
mubiao452010-03-04 14:21:57 +0000 #4
NBA's size for your 174cm 61KG, is impossible.

I am also engaged in fitness, 173cm 80kg. many of them are bad.

to the gym, then, if you want to practice out of a month is impossible, and fitness that something to rely on long-term adherence and training, as well as nutrition with. for a week to go at least 3-4 times a day, practicing two parts.

for example

Monday: legs, back

Tuesday: biceps, shoulders

weeks 3: triceps, chest

Thursday: Do aerobic exercise (which can bring about lower leg)

for each site there are many Lianfa and action, no words can ask the coach. each doing 12-15 times.

an action group to do 4-5.

and then rest for three days. not a loop for a week.

eat more high-protein thing. physique soon came out.



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