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Advice from professional sources, in the gym how to quickly reduce fat, shaping?

59539942a2010-03-04 15:10:53 +0000 #1
I - female, height 173, weight 145 pounds. (Emphasis). Goal is 115 pounds. Has been a successful campaign to lose weight minus 16 pounds, but did not continue it bounce, I heard that a rebound after three rounds of Carbohydrate harder! Therefore, under the recommendation of qualified professionals to hear. How to complete the entire fitness process? Thin waist, big legs and arm back there.

How to shape a slim and sexy posture? - Guiqiu ---! ! ! !
desert wolf2010-03-04 15:15:10 +0000 #2
I suggest that you first warm-up at the gym 2-3 minutes after the first used equipment consume a large amount of sugar compounds after (about 30 minutes), climb the stairs you can climb the first four round-trip (up and down count 1 back and forth), and then jogging 1 km away from the rest of the simple return equipment to do abdominal exercises District 15 adhere to each of 3 groups. I remember to add water at any time not to let the body dehydrated, and it would be very dangerous Oh!

If the conditions can also regularly participates in yoga, kick-boxing and other aerobic courses

173CM beauty, I wish you good luck!



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