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How the scheduling of exercise and proper diet

哆 啦 HG Dream2010-03-04 15:11:32 +0000 #1
pro, do you good. I am now almost 200 pounds of. At home have a beneficial Erjian stepper machine, I want it to lose weight, how should a reasonable exercise (done several times a day, once so long, and when exercise is best)? How should a reasonable period of weight loss diet?
afeifeiafeng2010-03-04 15:24:12 +0000 #2
Six months ago, I began to lose weight, adhere to the present thin circle.

Every day we have appropriate physical activities, but there are 3-5 times a week guaranteed in 40 minutes, preferably before dinner, one hour after exercise, eat fruit, drink porridge.

Weight loss is tough, but to insist on Oh, refueling.
YONGGUANG_WO2010-03-04 15:32:02 +0000 #3
- insist on 2-3 hours a day

- per 50 minutes (10-minute break)

- after dinner (closed 1 hour)

- food not to be too greasy

- diet can be fed into the 8 (eat less Multi Meal: a one-time do not eat too much, eating 4-5 meals a day)
Ya-yin2010-03-04 15:27:02 +0000 #4
[Edit this paragraph] 【Recipes】


thin Breakfast: A Meal: Xiao Long Bao 3 + milk (Rice milk ) B Meal: Grape Sleeve (Apple)

Lunch: A meal: squid (meat) soup (not to Gaza tea) B Meal: Bacon (tuna fish) sandwich + low-fat milk

Dinner: A meal: brown rice sheet (cereal) B Meal: grilled toast 1 + milk (coffee)

bedtime thin parade: stand at attention stand up straight, lift up his right foot backward, heel to be close to the buttocks, hands supporting housing, the other heel up as far as possible Hing Wah Street West, continuing 3-5 seconds, then change legs continue to repeat movements 30 times


Breakfast: A Meal: salty congee (flavor optional) B Meal: Sandwich (flavor optional) + LIU Cheng juice

Lunch: A meal: Yang Chunmian B Meals: No feeding bread 1 + milk (coffee)

Dinner: A meal: rice, noodle soup B meal: grilled toast 1 + milk (coffee)

bedtime thin parade: lying in bed, his legs bent knee (foot to foot in bed), hip elevation of about 3 seconds after stopping to lay down and do 50 times [1]

[Edit this paragraph] diet Slimming

(1) Garlic is a mixture of sulfur-containing compounds can reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent thrombosis, help to increase high-density lipoprotein [2].

(2) chives In addition to calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar and protein, vitamin A, C, but also contains carotene and a lot of fiber, can enhance gastric peristalsis, there is a good catharsis, to get rid of intestinal Road, too many nutrients, including excess fat.

(3) Onion contains prostaglandins A, the ingredients are relaxing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure functions. It also contains rare propyl three sulfur compounds and a small amount of sulfur amino acids, in addition to blood cholesterol, it can also prevent arteriosclerosis.

(4) mushrooms can significantly reduce serum cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels, regular consumption of the body can have a relatively high-density lipoprotein increase.

(5) regular consumption of wax gourd, which helps eliminate excess body fat and water, decomposition of excess fat and lose weight to play the role of a catharsis.

[Edit this paragraph] 【Health】

the first day of honey to lose weight the next day on the third day

Breakfast: honey cup of water Lunch: honey green tea, two cups, a tablespoon of honey tea: 2 tablespoons honey Dinner: Honey Rose Tea cups

Breakfast : honey green tea, a cup of Lunch: honey, a cup of mint tea, a tea spoon of honey: honey cup of water Dinner: honey, tea cup, a tablespoon of honey

Breakfast: honey cup of water Lunch: honey, a cup of chamomile tea and afternoon tea: one tablespoon of honey Dinner : Honey Rose Tea cup

[Edit this paragraph] 【speed thin vegetable soup】

ear wire seaweed soup effectiveness: treatment of obesity, improving physical fitness, blood-run gas, constipation, lifting

Materials: 100 grams of seaweed, black fungus 50 grams, sweet pepper 1, onion, pepper, salt and appropriate


1, the black fungus soaked soft, go head chopped.

2, sweet pepper and chopped onions are washed.

3, to be boiled to open, add large Simmer 10 minutes, black fungus, fungus and other soft-boiled, and then into the laver sweet pepper, with the heat and simmer 3 minutes, sprinkle with diced green onion, add the appropriate salt and pepper seasoning can be.

[Edit this paragraph] herbal weight-loss diet】 【Plants

usually a normal diet, eating light, like less oil, salt, before a meal to eat grass plants have been hastily break down fat oslim drugs. Every day is not late night, less late at night, a balanced diet, vitamin supplements, protein, etc., less added fat and calories.

Mon Weight Loss Recipe:

before meals to eat from plant extracts, herbal oslim Breakfast: bread 4, Apple (one less) small pickle

Lunch: rice (a bowl), fried potatoes, green pepper and silk, raw cucumber one, seaweed soup

Dinner : boiled shrimp (number only), burn the bean curd, cold raw onions, celery

Tuesday Weight Loss Recipe:

meal before eating a plant herbs oslim Zaun Breakfast: cereal (a bowl), bread (1), grape

Lunch : carp radish bean curd soup, boiled egg (1), vegetable salad

Dinner: mung bean porridge (a bowl), bread (1), raw cement mix eggplant, raw cucumber 1

Wednesday Weight Loss Recipe:

Breakfast: Plant herbs oslim herbal, oolong tea, kiwi

Lunch: burnt bamboo shoots, broccoli salad, boiled eggs, 1

Dinner: boiled shrimp (number only), burn the bean curd, cold raw onions, celery diet recipes


Breakfast: hors d'plants oslim herb, Great gruel (a bowl), whole-wheat bread (1), orange 1

Lunch: roast beef, vegetables and salad, winter melon soup, raw tomatoes, a

Dinner: polenta (a bowl), bread (1), burn the asparagus, raw cucumber recipes


Fri diet Breakfast: a boiled potatoes, coffee, apple

Lunch: rice (a bowl), Su-Braised lentils, stir-fried vegetables, winter melon soup

Dinner: Plants oslim herbs, weight loss break down fat, chicken burning carrot, celery salad recipes

Saturday to lose weight:

Breakfast: cereal (a bowl), orange

Lunch: 1 boiled egg, burned fish, mushrooms stir-fried vegetables

Dinner: sweet potato porridge (a bowl), spinach salad, cake (12)

Sun Weight Loss Recipe:

Breakfast: Plants oslim herbs, bread, five, green tea, apple

Lunch: carrot, celery, fried liver, boiled egg (1), tomato soup

Dinner: mung bean porridge, garlic mixed kelp silk, steamed bun (1 2), raw cucumber

[Edit this paragraph] 【four dietary laws allow you to easily thin】

Rule 1: The nutritional balance, the time fixed, to establish the good habit of three meals a day

although the drastic reduction in on the 1st of the intake of total calories to lose weight quickly, but pay no attention to exposure time, intake of carbohydrates at night can not be consumed a result, they will become fat accumulation. The most effective weight loss method or three meals a day, regular quantitative. Can choose the morning can be converted into energy, carbohydrates, night option may be used by the body cells, proteins, do not eat two hours before going to bed. The fasting time is too long, next time eating the body will try to absorb more nutrients, so the time interval of the best meals should not exceed six hours. Regular intake of three meals a day is the first step to develop easy to lean physique.

Rule 2: Note that the choice of main course and side dishes

If the main dish with more fat cooking methods, side dishes is best used with hot or cooked. On the contrary, if the main course does not contain grease, fat side dishes were a bit more innocuous. If not carefully mix the main ingredients, you may not care too much fat intake. Food can not rely on appearance to judge, but also will be cooking methods into account, the case of fried, fried, and fried in it will be more oily. With reference to the principles of: Steamed cod fish (light) + potato salad (fat) + rice + miso soup; Hamburg row (greasy) + boiled vegetables (light) + rice.

Rule 3: do understand the staple food intake of calories

compared to bread, rice and soba noodles are a better option. Especially rice, a grain of eating slowly can lengthen the time eating and increase satiety. But in the afternoon if it did not have time to eat slowly, we must choose the time of bread, we must try to avoid high-calorie bread, croissant and Danish. Select sandwich, the ham and vegetables than the egg salad sandwiches, tuna sandwiches and the good, because the heat Mayonnaise is very high.

Night staple, you can choose porridge, rice, less than the intake, but also have a sense of satiety.

A variety of staple food calorie reference: 80 cards

ham sandwich egg salad sandwich plain porridge 140 cards 250 card

/ 200g

Rule 4: drinks are often the bane of weight loss, paying particular attention to

slimming down so painstakingly, point a cup of Caramel Macchiato on the back 200 cards, a small cake calories more than a royal balls. Therefore, we must choose diet drinks during the sugar, no cream drinks, fruit juice drink is not the best use of water and tea to replenish moisture. Of course, high-calorie alcoholic beverages is also a must to avoid.

Drink calorie reference:

plus a large number of butter, a cup of coffee, orange juice 200 cards

80 cards

hot chocolate

Beer 350ml 140 cards 195 cards

Wine 110ml 80 cards

Recommended: Witch thin boil a pot of soup

witch soup, as a Lunch and dinner, hungry, try to drink, and then quit starchy foods, though a bit monotonous, but the taste was not bad, it will not empty.

Witch Tom's approach is very simple, is basically a tomato, cabbage, onions, western celery, green pepper together in a large pot prepare a broth. Because it is a huge mass of material and together, it seems like the witch modulation poison, it got the name of witch soup. I am a food activists, even a witch soup diet, but also want to make it even more delicious, and so on in the process, pay attention to this: first an onion and three or four tomatoes into the boiling pot of cold water into the open (more can be prepare a broth add a little dried fish head), and then boiling down a small fire to make soup full of onions, sweet and sour tomatoes, then add cabbage and green peppers Zhulan, western celery is added before the final clean wok, so soup full of fresh flavor. This soup can be a pot of witches eat for several days straight, high-fiber low-calorie, delicious there satiety, conscience that weight loss is really a good partner.

[Edit this paragraph] Daquan

winter, winter, diet recipes eat if they bother to move, "winter fat" will quietly upper body has become lingering nightmare. Nutritionist for the winter, providing a number of Winter Road, nutritionally balanced diet recipes, recipes inside contains soy protein, calcium, vitamin C, E, natural carotenoids ... and so on, can be easily uptake nutrients required for a day and achieve the weight loss effect.

1, the Western package eggs (three copies)

Food: eggs, 3, milk -120 cc, onion 3 tablespoons tomato small 2 tablespoons, 1 teaspoon of shredded cheese, mushrooms 1-2 slices, green pepper a little, olive oil 2 tsp


1. onion, tomato Ding, mushrooms and green pepper pieces with olive oil, fry the first five minutes and cooked spare

2. wok and add milk, egg breaking Jianzhi six points and cooked, add half-cooked onion, tomato, small, mushroom pieces, and green peppers, shredded cheese on top, flip the eggs can be clean wok

Nutrient Analysis:

-417 calories -27 grams of protein kcal

-29 grams of fat, carbohydrates -12


2, frankincense garden vegetables

food: milk, -240 WASHER, fresh cream - a little, shredded cheese - a little, green cauliflower -100 grams


1. will be green cauliflower boiled, washed with cold water, drain reserve

2. with milk, olive oil, fresh cream, shredded cheese fry the pot with a thick-shaped

3. will be cooked 2 green broccoli and practices can quickly fry about Nutrition Analysis

-188 big heat Card

-8 grams of protein fat,

-12 grams -12 grams carbohydrates, 3, frankincense ketchup shrimp

Food: grass shrimp -4 tail, Saint tomatoes -5 months, garlic -1 teaspoon of milk -120 WASHER


-1 tablespoon tomato paste, stock -2 tablespoons wine - a little


1. grass shrimp slightly fried, garlic saute adding the tomato and milk

2. seasonings into the shrimp, turn a small fire that closed dry can hold plates, sprinkle with a little purple cabbage decoration can be

Nutrient Composition Analysis:

-164 calories -16 grams of protein kcal

-8 grams of fat, carbohydrates -7

This is with a few grams of weight in winter recipes, particularly suitable for Winter sports do not want female friends, in the winter to avoid weight gain.

[Edit this paragraph]】 【thin

★ 7th recipe thin light meal (7 meals can be reduced by 10 pounds)

No. 1, Breakfast: Baizhu Dan 2 lunch: a plate of vegetables, rice bowl, chicken (peeled) 4 Dinner: Pork sheet 4, udon bowl, boiled vegetables you can eat

Day 2 Breakfast: bowl of rice noodles, eggs, 1 Lunch: fish bowl, apple 1 Dinner: daphne Qian a bowl of fish soup, a bowl of rice, bananas and a half is only

Chapter 3 Breakfast: 1 cup plain soy milk Lunch: Boiled vegetables you can eat dinner: steamed eggs (with two eggs) a dish, udon 2 / 3 bowl, kiwi 1

Day 4 Breakfast: 1 apple Lunch: 1 bowl of rice flour, half corn, half a banana Dinner: 2 whole egg noodles, boiled vegetables and served breakfast to eat

Chapter 5: skimmed milk 1 Cup Lunch: Meat Si Wu Dong a bowl, orange and 1 Dinner: fish bowl, udon bowl

No. 6 Breakfast: 1 kiwi fruit, rice bowl lunch: a bowl of rice noodles and vegetables Dinner: lean meat 4 , a bowl of rice noodles, and vegetables you can eat

on the 7th day Breakfast: 1 cup plain soy milk, bananas, 1 Lunch: rice bowl, and vegetables you can eat dinner: eggs, 1, 4 meat, a bowl of rice noodles, apple 1

Weight Loss Code

1, with water Zhuoshu food,Oil significantly reduced; Qing Xia taste of liver and kidney help to rest, to help detoxification to water.

2, with vegetables and meat with pasta, nutritional balance; 800 to 1,000 calories per day, lower than the average diet.

1 week by four pounds, it is recommended to repeat the first two weeks was better in

1 Breakfast: wheat bread 1, ham, a, 1 cup skim milk Lunch: 1 bowl of fish balls rice, fried cabbage and a bowl of Aberdeen Dinner: Green Lean a bowl of carrot soup, a bowl of chicken breast strips celery, apple 1

Day 2 Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 cup low-fat cheese Lunch: Grilled chicken (peeled) a bowl of udon soup, lemon tea ( to the sugar) 1 cup dinner: a bowl of vegetable soup, Silver Cod Grilled a (small), boiled cabbage a breakfast dish

Chapter 3: a bowl of chicken-pass powder, lemon tea (to sugar) 1 cup Lunch: Sushi 6, oolong tea a tank Dinner: Papaya White Fungus Soup a bowl, salt baked chicken 4, boiled broccoli, a dish

Day 4 Breakfast: a bowl of fish porridge Lunch: lean pork Tommy a bowl, scald a dish of broccoli Dinner: Net dumplings a bowl, blanch cabbage a breakfast dish

Chapter 5: 1 were ham sandwiches, coffee (1 cup) Lunch: chicken salad a disc (small), lemon tea (to the sugar ) 1 cup Dinner: lean meat melon soup a bowl, a bowl of spicy tofu, clear mind cooking a breakfast dish

Chapter 6: wheat bread 2 slices, 2 teaspoons peanut butter, 1 cup skim milk Lunch: winter melon soup with rice grains a bowls, dishes a disc burning dinner: a bowl of vegetable soup, pork chop a (small), mixed beans 1 / 2 bowl

on the 7th day Breakfast: Pickled meat, Simi a bowl, a cup of coffee or tea Lunch: Tomato Egg sandwiches a copy, a cup of coffee or tea Dinner: lean meat, a bowl of rice noodles, coconut green one

diet guidelines: Remember that the meat at the same time, we must eat a lot of vegetables and water, or constipation may lead to weight loss a common phenomenon.

6 pounds a week by a day, 700 cards The following

Monday breakfast: a cup of skim milk, whole wheat toast 1, multi-vitamin a lunch: a whole-wheat toast, coffee and a glass of dinner: whole wheat toast 1, low-sugar oolong tea cups

Tuesday breakfast: a cup of skim milk, whole wheat toast 2, multi-vitamin a Lunch: 2 whole wheat toast, coffee and a glass of dinner: a plate of boiled vegetables, boiled eggs 1, oolong tea cups sugar

Wednesday breakfast: a cup of skim milk, whole wheat toast 2, multi-vitamin a lunch: whole wheat toast 1, Apple 1, a cup of coffee Dinner: a plate of boiled vegetables, boiled eggs 1, oolong tea cups sugar

Thursday Breakfast: 1 boiled eggs, coffee cup, multi-vitamin a lunch: a pot of cabbage and egg soup, a cup of sugar oolong tea Dinner: 1 whole wheat toast, apple one, skim milk, a cup of

Friday Breakfast: Full 2 wheat toast, skim milk, a cup, multi-vitamin a lunch: a whole-wheat toast, two boiled eggs, coffee, a cup of dinner: whole wheat toast 2, Apple 1, a cup of sugar Oolong Tea

Saturday Breakfast: Apple one, a cup of skim milk, multi-vitamin a lunch: a plate of boiled vegetables, apple one, two cups of sugar oolong tea Dinner: a pot of cabbage and egg soup, a whole-wheat toast, coffee and a cup of

7 by 15 lbs


Breakfast: Baizhu Dan 1, tomato 1 tea cup

Lunch: fruit plates

Dinner: Baizhu Dan 1, Apple 1, toasted bread, a tomato one, tea


Breakfast: boiled 1 egg, tomato, a tea cup

Lunch: Chicken a peeled tomato 2

Dinner: 3 peeled chicken, vegetables and a tea cup


Breakfast: Baizhu Dan 1, tomato a tea cup

Lunch: Chicken a peeled tomato 2

Dinner: a plate of vegetables, lean meat 3 2, a cup of tea


Breakfast: Baizhu Dan 1, tomato 1 tea cup

Lunch: fruit platter

Dinner: Baizhu Dan 1, 1 cabbage, baked bread and a tomato one, tea


Breakfast: Baizhu Dan 1, tomato 1 tea cup

Lunch: Baizhu Dan 2, blanch vegetables half a catty, tea cup

Dinner: Steamed fish, a, a vegetables, tea


Breakfast: Baizhu Dan 1, tomato 1 tea cup

Lunch: Baizhu Dan 2, burning vegetables half a catty, Tea cup

Dinner: lean meat, 32, a plate of vegetables, tomato 1, tea


Breakfast: Baizhu Dan 1, tomato 1 tea cup

Lunch: fruit plates

Dinner: 1 chicken, vegetables and a plate, two tomatoes, tea

* cut-off oil, snacks, sugar, multi-exercise weight-loss diet

7 days a week to be introduced today, seven days a week weight loss recipes, provided by the dietician. Health nutrition diet weight-loss tend to make a serious lack of, if you Xiangshou success while also preserving the physical health, this weight loss recipe ingredients are easily accessible, you may wish to refer to a look:

first day

Breakfast: low-fat milk, small apple, whole wheat cheese sandwich

Lunch: Pei Yami rice, shiitake mushrooms, tofu, spinach, beef, coriander carrot soup

Dinner: tomatoes, macaroni, cabbage thin soup

next day

Breakfast: nut oatmeal, yogurt fruit salad

Lunch: Su dumplings, assorted egg soup

Dinner: 4-color fried rice, loofah Nostoc thin soup


Breakfast: salad, whole wheat toast, wheat berries and milk, kiwi

Lunch: Pei Yami rice, grilled fish, miso, fried mustard blue, Ayu eggplant, lily soup

Dinner: Vegetable Hot Pot

fourth day

breakfast: rice, sweet potatoes, dried meat floss mix tofu, hot water spinach, pears

Lunch: tomato beef risotto, cabbage mushroom soup

Dinner: Vegetable dried noodles, Double Mushroom Soup

the fifth day of thin cucumber

Breakfast: bread with your eggs, alfalfa salad, grapefruit half

Lunch: soup dumplings, cream sauce soybean curd

Dinner: Pei Yami rice, steamed chicken, carrot burdock thin soup

6th day

Breakfast: stone fruit salad, baked potato, diluted orange juice

Lunch: Egg Fried Rice soybean, cabbage tofu soup

Dinner: Mixed fried rice noodles, thin two-color cauliflower soup

seventh day

Breakfast: Seafood Porridge, guava

Lunch: Chicken with Scallion, two-tone green pepper, hot cabbage, seaweed soup

Dinner: Hawaiian pizza, thin tomato mushroom soup

Tip: Choose a time when weight-loss diet depends on it is not able to achieve comprehensive and balanced nutrition, do not For several days eat the same thing. Also, the diet must contain proteins.



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