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My fitness plan, expert help to see whether it is reasonable, thanks!

xxxdddfffxxx2010-03-04 18:10:24 +0000 #1
I have been playing football, lower limb is very strong, physically very good, but weak in upper body strength. Fitness has recently started, hoping to lose the fat on the abdomen. My height 174, weight 143 pounds. Fitness twice a week, dinner do not eat, went to the first run 7000 meters. After doing two sets of sit-ups, each 40. And then bench press 50 kg, 30 times. Then is that some devices, together number about 100 times. My question is, so that enough load? But whether the harm to the body. After all, fitness must be established on the basis of good health.
Find night's footsteps2010-03-04 18:23:24 +0000 #2
First, you must subtract fat, waist fat on the abdomen is the hardest by the body, you are in fact the plan is good for Fat Reduction, but slightly less than, I can help you to revise the about. First of all, to the gym the first 5-10 minutes jogging, it is mainly a warm-up to prevent injuries, went to the body heat, or a slight sweat on the line.

Then, equipment training, you have good upper body strength, then the device can increase the upper limbs during training exercises, with 8-12 months to do the weight of action would have no strength, each movement 4-5 groups, each part of a 4 -5 dives. (There is not to ignore the arm of the exercise, many of the early fitness training the importance of people will ignore the arm). Bench press, you have 30 times the action, too little, either reduce fat or increase muscle will not work, if it is to increase chest muscle thickness, using a wide grip slightly par, or 8-12 months with the action on the weight of being insipid , do five groups, each with 1 minute rest between. If we are to reduce fat, then 30 times the weight of action exhausted, and then every time to do at least 4 groups.

Instrument is complete, do aerobic exercise, jogging to lose weight is not to see distance, but the time to ensure that the maximum heart rate, heart rate 60% -70%, the maximum heart rate 220 - age.

Come back to talk about sit-ups, sit-up exercise for the abdominal muscles belonging to a secondary action, for the effect of Dietary Fat Reduction not as full-body aerobic effect to the obvious, only doing the belly Fat Reduction secondary training, but If done, then each must be exhausted, which is totally not up to strength, and so take a break again a group of exhausted group. This can reduce fat at the same time, increasing abdominal muscle thickness, contour will be more apparent.

However, abdominal training very, very painful, but oh, I have the impression practiced during the days when the abdominal muscles is the darkest .........
bdylkj2010-03-04 19:00:18 +0000 #3
height 176, weight 120 pounds of passing ... ...
linkai8272010-03-04 19:18:09 +0000 #4
harmful, you just want to blindly train muscles, when in fact you do to muscles causing considerable damage, a day of exercise should be restricted, otherwise the burden on the body too much, it should be practiced today, hands, abdominal training tomorrow, and so on, so to give the muscles time to rest, sit-ups a day should do 5-6 groups of 50, done a rub a rub on the belly. Bench press 3 sets, one group is 8-12 months, finished a set of kneading a kneading arm, chest, muscle is good. I hope these suggestions help you!
346,907,9542010-03-04 19:47:28 +0000 #5
harmful to it, if it is muscle, we try to avoid running such a strenuous exercise, consume too much energy will lead to more and more lean.



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