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Guiqiu exercise method, thank you

fenghuo_12010-03-04 22:10:03 +0000 #1
do not seek physical exercise into a muscular but requires better coordination, preferably slowly adapt to other organizations, the premise does not damage the body slowly become good method, detailed points
a bottle of Blue Erguotou2010-03-04 22:19:08 +0000 #2
1. Every time jogging half an hour. Have been sweating as the benchmark. Only in this way in the body fat will be mobilized into the combustion state.

2. The necessary stretching exercises. Chest, waist rotation, arm circling, knee, ankle.

3. The use of the building room, exercise equipment lower limbs. To do some stretching exercises tread strength after the first light-weight, pay attention to experience is that the thigh in the hair strength, rather than feet.

4. Leg exercises you can do some toes, that is, to mention heel, this will help in shaping leg. Every time 30, to slow, let the muscles stretch full sense.

Next, practice kicks and rear side-kicks, mainly to enhance the legs. Upper body must be upright. Kick-point range as large, to relax. 3,4

done after the appropriate tension to be issued under the power of just the muscles, so that they do not always in a contraction.

5. Lumbar abdominal muscles. Sit-ups, do a half sit-ups, that is, lie down, but the shoulders do not touch the ground, suspended! ! Lying down, feeling the muscles tense up a little pause on. And then continue. Each of 10 to do 4 groups. If appropriate it in their hands small dumbbells, do swivel, to exercise both sides of the waist.

6. A small dumbbell to do chest. Can you complete control over the use of a small dumbbell to practice chest. Opened as much as possible, each 15,4 group. Then, still using dumbbells, do pre-move, two arms should be flat, dumbbell as far as possible near point. This can better stimulate the chest muscles. So that curve more pronounced. 10 group 4 to 7. At this time, the activities of the body is basically up. Best to slowly ran 10 minutes, let the body relax, and then that is stretching, relaxation, massage the muscles of today's practice.

Moves it, you can mimic some yoga movements, stretch to meet the breathing.

Above, these exercises should pay attention to breathing, not ruthless hair force, to be generous nature, physical and psychological effects of pleasure that we go! ! Body weight should first see, first curve to see straight, because it is slowly changing.

Actually, the outdoors aerobic running 3 to 4 times a week, doing stretching, note that a reasonable diet and living habits, body weight before the summer is absolutely could have greatly reduced, possibly to buy clothes really want to re - !

Personal advice, do more aerobic running. To learn a few yoga stretching and breathing exercises,

I wish health, Italy 2010 Shunxin Soon
New Iveco Bronte2010-03-04 22:58:21 +0000 #3
the most important thing is to Zaoshuizaoqi not up late, there is no Saturday and Japan. In fact, pick up each day at home was clean, and spotless is one of the ways a good exercise, read the saints books, self-cultivation, including no outside ah, getting to know the truth of the universe and life are the most intelligent person ah, another persevere and stick to it is the most important, in fact most in need of exercise is not physical but our will and patience. The body will change with the passage of the years old, until I can not use our genuine nature of Miao Ming does not. Amitabha must learn the "disciples of regulation." Benefit from the life



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