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Comparison of tide of people coming

Kiba 16 ぁ ぁ2010-03-04 22:10:44 +0000 #1
I am now 16 years old, jumped a six-month Breakin, but found no Na gradually gave up on the kinds of atmosphere

not want to waste their youth, want to play one thing, playing fine, playing God.
, But is not know what to do.

I have 176 heads. the body is very muscular upper body strength and balance-type

bad. and I pay special attention to exercise your body

so the body had been in good

do not want to give up but there are no Lianxia Qu Breakin the courage to

skateboard. Breakin there any who can give me who introduced

do not want their youth so deserted out.

like the cool feeling,
riffraff Adu2010-03-04 22:17:34 +0000 #2
Indeed, as you, you practice breakin What is the purpose? A hobby? Or for a survival skill? First, you first want to understand this point.

If you are playing to the so-called essence, to play God (interest) away practicing breakin, then you do not have to choose to continue or abandon the troubled, because no matter what you practice, this is only a hobby of your fills not intended to to prove their abilities, or how to be kind of good reaches.

If you practice BREAKIN to a survival skill, then it continues, do not need pulls another fresh start, invincible until it reaches, reaches champions until otherwise you are wasted before. In the end, you have to re-head again from scratch.



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