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on rainy days like the Happy2010-03-05 05:10:53 +0000 #1

lay person2010-03-05 05:19:34 +0000 #2
memory is a long process, and scattering bitterness and tears of joy, weaving colorful dreams one by one, it was like fresh air , flowing into my heart. Open the floodgates of memory, there are many memorable things, but the most memorable, or that with my six years of primary school life, it is a period of my most joyful day.

Remember that time, I was bragging of a child, stepped into his alma mater, since it is his alma mater, The Constant Gardener, a bit hard to cultivate me as a sensible good student, I thrive; it is that obliges the students one by one Let me know how their friendship, and learned to share their happiness ... ... most of my childhood was spent in the campus, where filled with playful element, full of vitality. Still remember the spring of that year, the campus was filled with a strong fragrance of aromatic herbs and flowers, through the teachers of the deliberation, decided to organize us to the outskirts of Spring Outing. News spread like a camel, spring, and to hear this good news to stir the classroom, like the pan had exploded as the students cheered, full of looking forward to tomorrow's arrival. After school, students Hupenghuanyou, 3322 to discuss opening came, the members of our team you have a phrase made me finally decided to split up actions: to buy some drinks, some dry food to buy, some buy fruit. I ran all the way home from the small to the father asked for a money, and to prepare students with the spring tour of things. Everything bought, and each will bring a little to their homes. That night, I lay in bed unable to sleep over and over again, a thought of tomorrow's spring tour, I excited. Departure time has finally come to the students with neat rows to set off a mighty team, along the way, students who skip along like one of the rabbits, the whole team are noisy, although the teacher side of the anxious crazy. Because it is outside, along the way with a great variety of wild flowers in full bloom: There are names, no name; fire red, light yellow, scattered in the bushes, like a blink of the eyes, blink 呀. Many students can not help but reach out and Quzhaijiduo - usually, in the campus-grown flowers can not just pick it, and now come to nature, wild flowers and weeds and more is that we really enjoy the flowers for its own account for some happiness , which the school would never have dreamed of happiness, but now always at your fingertips, really mad us happy. Reached the destination, the students scattered in various parts of styled himself a "tan", looking at each with food, dazzling, strengths and weaknesses, people salivate. After the feast, we gather together to play games, and some make sense to the river, watching the stone floating in the water, we are happy like a boat tour and he himself was the general ... ... gradually getting late, and we also lining up to sing the song went home.

The spring tour, let us into the nature and appreciate the beautiful spring. However, this is only my magnificent life in a small primary school students happy spray. I'll never forget my school life.



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